More thoughts on Truth.

I thought I would elaborate a little bit on the subject of truth.  It might become a thing for me…

I like the idea of exploring a subject to develop a fuller understanding of it.  I think that ironically, truth is a tricky subject because so many people hold so many different truths, many of them are often conflicting with each other.

This makes me want to explore the idea of truth, and what truths might run deeper in life, how do the different facets of truth effect us in life?   When I think of truth, I think of it in three ways.  The first is Ultimate truth, the infinite knowing of life the universe and everything.  😉

Ultimate truth is the infinite combination of all variables of energy and matter and thought in and out of existence.  It is the “mind of god”.  Ultimate truth is the total merging of all variables to see the order that is inherent in the apparent chaos.  It’s the ultimate perspective, some call it god, some call it source, there are many names for this most exalted form of truth.

The second form of truth in my mind, would be personal truths.  The ideas we have formed from our own knowledge base and experiences.  We all have our own personal truths and we may be more or less aware of them.  These truths may or may not be accurate from the perspective of “infinity” and will most likely be incomplete at best.  The reason for this, is from our perception of complete truth is coming from a limited perspective.

If you think of each individual perspective as a point on an infinite grid, and there are infinite points on this infinite grid, and there are points in between the other points, and inside of them and outside of them and all of them and none of them- the individual perspective by itself cannot possibly hope to obtain an accurate picture of this infinite perspective, it relies on another aspect of truth.

This leads me to the third form of truth, we could call it shared truth.  Shared truth is kind of like the mid-way between personal and universal truth, and that is the truth that comes from sharing your perspective with another person or people.  It’s sort of like you each have a piece of the infinite “puzzle” and when you put your pieces together you are able to see more clearly the picture that is formed.   You don’t have the full picture yet, but you are able to see more with the addition of a fresh perspective then you would if you were left to your own devices.    Anyone can offer you another perspective to look at and learn from but at this point it is important to be objective about the perspectives that other people offer.

While shared truth can be a beautiful, wonderful thing, it also is delicate.  This is why I think it’s important to bring another element into this whole discussion of truth.  That is honesty.  It’s hard to get an accurate picture of something when you’re being given the wrong description of it.   So, it is also important to be honest with ourselves and others when it comes to what we experience, think, perceive, and believe.  When we fail to do this, that pool of information gets muddied and the inherent colors found within are less vivid, that glimpse of ultimate truth gets fuzzy or distorted.

Religion and spirituality are great examples of this in action.   I think many of these things offer bits of truth, that is why they are so popular, and why so many people find peace and comfort through them.  However, when honesty is taken out of the equation, either through human errors and mis-communication, to outright deception for personal benefit, suffering occurs.  This can become the cause of a whole host of terrible things.  Wars, and persecution are just a couple of examples of what can happen when we don’t accept responsibility for our how our truths might effect ourselves and others, when we don’t allow honesty to be a part of our truth.

So with these three kind of variations of truth, ultimate truth, shared truth, and personal truth how then do we discern the truths which are the truest.  How do we discern what has been the least contaminated?

I think this is a good opportunity to bring into this subject the idea of balance.  Taking into consideration that everyone has their own personal truths, and everyone subscribes to some kind of shared truth, which can all be different and conflicting much of the time, balance becomes an important aspect for integrating these truths into our own lives.  If we are living in a relative universe where everything is dependent upon everything else, we have to take into consideration the truths of others while at the same time remaining true to ourselves.

It’s recognizing the importance of not only ourselves, but those around us as part of the infinite and part of the divine.   I think this is where love comes in, it’s being able to have compassion for those who might hurt us the most, by being able to see their perspective even if they might cause us pain. It is also having compassion enough not to purposefully harm people, and compassion enough for yourself to live your life in such a way minimize the risk of inadvertently harming yourself or those around you.

For example, consider the subject of selfishness with regard to balance.  This subject has been getting a lot of debate in the spiritual community as of late.  On one hand you have those who say that selfishness is a sin and it is wrong to put yourself before others.   On the other hand you have those who say that you will never be of full service to others until you put yourself first in every way.   Interesting.  So which is right?   Which truth is more complete?   This is where balance is so important, both ideas can be detrimental if they are taken to an extreme and not tempered with balance.

If you are self-serving to such an extent that you will ignore how your actions affect those around you then you are causing harm.  We have many examples of this in action today, corporate greed, political corruption, lusting after power and wealth with no regard for the cost it exerts on others, these are all examples of self-serving interests and actions which cause harm to others.  We have all seen the kind of harm this behavior can bring.

Putting everyone else first can be just as harmful as selfishness can.  Never taking any time for yourself, never voicing your unique perspective, never taking any care of yourself can also lead to a dangerous outcome.   Take for example the person who has a high pressure job in a profession where the consequences will severely affect the lives of other people.  That person will be neglecting those other lives just as much as their own if they aren’t operating from a healthy state of being that requires attention to the self and making sure your needs are met in a healthy way.

For me, honesty and balance are important parts of truth.  They exist to help us navigate in a world that is crazy and confusing, and downright weird most of the time.  We could look at them sort of like navigation tools for living life.  Honesty gives us the clearest picture of what is we want or need, balance gives us the best way of obtaining it while causing the least amount of harm in the process.

Truth is good.

They say honesty is the best policy and I would have to agree.  Some will tell you that truth is not important.  That “truth” is a subjective thing and really inconsequential when you are looking at things from a source perspective.  I have to disagree.  wholeheartedly, 100%.  It is my firm belief that truth, is one of the most precious, important ideals we have.  It is one of the most important things we can strive for.  Truth is what drives us to grow, to evolve.  Truth is what drives us to better ourselves, the love for learning about the world and uncovering its truths is one of the greatest lights that we shine as a species.  When we ignore truth and lie to others and ourselves we do the most harm in the quickest way possible.

Without truth, you cannot really ever learn, and you cannot really ever grow as a person, blatantly ignoring truth is poisonous to the soul.   You could compare ignoring truth for the sake of feeling good  to drinking antifreeze.    Antifreeze is sweet, it has a pleasant smell, it might even feel good to drink it.  But if you ignore the truth of what it is and decide to drink it, it will poison you, and you will die.  The fact is, truth will win out in the end, you will have discovered the truth of the antifreeze, but at that point your life will be over.

Truth is important because it allows people to make objective decisions.   We live in a universe of probabilities.  To survive, it is important to know as much about those probabilities as we can and if we ignore truth, we’re ignoring life.  We’re ignoring the opportunity to expand ourselves, and we’re poisoning the knowledge base we already have, effectively stunting our growth, or worse.

If source split itself into an infinite amount of conscious pieces, in the effort to expand itself, truth is an important tool for its expansion.  Truth is what tells you what you like and what you don’t like.  If you are not true to yourself, and you are not truthful with other people, they will never really know you, or appreciate you for your genuine beauty, and you’ll never really get to blossom into the flower you were meant to become.

Truth has been something I’ve chased after my whole life, and sometimes the truth hurts.  I won’t deny that.   However if you have ever broken a bone, and had to have it set, you’ll know that hurts too. But if you don’t reset the bone, it’s going to heal wrong and you could open yourself up to a whole bunch of problems that could have been avoided, you don’t get the chance to fully heal from your wounds.

I took a little break from this post after publishing it, but I feel I need to add more to it.  It doesn’t seem complete yet, and I may re-visit this and elaborate on it more from time to time.  (If anyone knows how to get updated blogs to show up on the main feed, please share, it would be swell.)

A friend of mine posted something interesting on facebook.  I’ve seen it before but I always enjoy it every time I see it.     It is the phrase, “Fear is false evidence appearing real.”   I was thinking about that phrase and how it applies to the ideal of truth.  If we have false evidence, (a lack of truth) we have more fear.  I like to think of truth as a way of dispelling fear, it is far less likely you will be afraid of something once you know the truth of it.  That old phrase “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” comes to mind.  Fear is uncertainty, it is being left in the dark with no light of truth to help you find your way.  To me truth is light, truth is loving, truth might not always be pleasant, or what we want to hear,  but it is kind, because ultimately, it empowers us, and aids in our expansion.