Psychic Stuff: Fun with Pets.

Ever want to see if your pets can pick up on psychic vibes? ¬† Try this out and tell me what happens. ūüėČ

Find your pet, now focus on their face and start thinking about food. ¬†Be very detailed, don’t just think visually. ¬†Incorporate how the pet-food smells, the sound of the cat-food hitting the dish, the rattling of the bag, imagine your pet eating it.

I did this just a moment ago, I was focusing on my cat Lyra, who looked interested but, ¬†it was my cat Tesla (who’s been with me longer) who came RUNNING up to me like his butt was on fire, and then he jumped up on the counter and reached up with his paw and started tapping my shoulder. ¬†It was a-freaking-dorable!

And very interesting…

It also got me thinking that this might be a good way to practice broadcasting thoughts/feelings/intentions or refining them to one individual.  To elaborate on this idea, my focus was on Lyra, but it was Tesla who reacted, this leads me to wonder if it was more of a broadcast thing that all the animals could pick up on.

Just some food for thought. ¬†ūüėČ

Cultivating Psychic Awareness

As promised in my last post, I’m going to talk about some of that psychic stuff we all find so nifty. The big thing I wanted to emphasize before was the connection to the universe that we all share, it’s an important part of how all of this works. When we become more aware of that larger aspect of ourselves, we’re able to see the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hints that show us that we’re living in and part of a far bigger place than we had ever imagined.

If you wanted to open yourself up to that larger world, how would you go about it? How would you bring it into your awareness?  What is required of us to bridge the gap from coincidence to connection?

To answer this question, let’s discuss first look at the subject of coincidence, and then go from there. Many of us shrug off unexplained events saying, “It was just a coincidence.” ¬†¬†You should never rob yourself of magic and miracles by saying that something strange or wonderful you experienced was, “just a coincidence.” In my opinion that’s an insult to god and the genius of nature.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe in coincidences. ¬†What I believe is that we’re connected to an amazing force that works in ways that are beyond our comprehension. ¬†Sometimes we catch a glimpse of that force in action, and we mistakenly call it coincidence.

It ¬†would more appropriately be called synchronicity, serendipity, or even (especially) providence¬†a word I’m really digging lately and I’d like to thank Pair O’ Dime shift¬†(something I’ll be writing about next) for reminding me of it, freaking awesome.

Anyway, before I go on, I want to emphasize that the biggest thing that will bring magic into your life is believing it’s there. ¬†Just like anything, that requires practice but, ¬†in a way you might not expect. ¬†Cultivating believe requires a ¬†form of practice is more gentle, more allowing, less forcing.

If you’re familiar already familiar with the world of serendipity and synchronicity,¬†awesome! ¬†When we’re open to it ourselves, we help open the doors for others to step into magical worlds as well. ¬†If you are not, let me share with you some ways you can invite it into your experience that have worked for me and people I know personally.

I know it sounds strange, but keep your eye out for feathers. Feathers show up into your experience to guide you and tell you that you’re on the right track and following your passion. I believe it works because it gives us something tangible we can use to identify when we’re on the right track, this helps us on our journey of allowing synchronicity into our lives.

I have found this to work in my experience, over and over again. ¬†I often see feathers when I’m feeling very inspired working on something that makes me feel great. ¬†For example, last week I was out in the yard, looking at the house planning my garden and deep in pleasant thought about how it would look, imagining this lush paradise… ¬†I look down at the ground for a moment¬†and there I see a beautiful feather. ¬†For me feathers send the message of “You’re going in the right direction, keep it up.”

You can apply this technique with other things, and they can carry with them all sorts of different messages which can be unique to each person.

For example, I used to tattoo an awesome lady named Tami, she’s one of those high vibe people who can lift up a whole room with her bubbly nature. She’s told me some of her stories and they are incredible, and would require a blog of their own and her to tell them. However,there is one such story she’s told me which I’d like to share, it’s about pennies and coins.

To Tami, they were more than just coins, their presence would carry with them the message that she was not alone. Specifically, the appearance of coins represented a connection she had with her grandparents who had passed away. Before they passed, they told her they would use coins to let her know they were still in her presence. Tami has found thousands of coins in many weird ways, they show up in stacks, in unlikely places, everywhere, all the time. She’s become so in tune with
that being a part of her life, it’s a very common occurrence for her.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in other posts or not but another thing you can do is look out for license plates while you are waiting in traffic. ¬†I can’t tell you how many downright strange and simultaneously wonderful experiences I’ve had that involve license plates. ¬†¬†License plates are interesting, especially if you have studied numerology. ¬†I often equate it to scenes from The Matrix where they are looking at computer screens of iterating through the screen and translating into the events happening inside that reality. ¬†I like to keep an eye out for repeating number sequences and patterns on license plates, you can use numerology to glean an insight into what they might mean. ¬†It’s good to make a note of the things you might be thinking about when patterns and sequences start repeating in your experience.

Even if you haven’t looked into numerology and number sequences license plates are still¬†super interesting. ¬†Sometimes I’ll get downright blatant messages on license plates that are so completely relevant to what I’m thinking about it’s just nuts. ¬†For example, one day, I was literally freaking out about a bunch of stuff that was stressing me out. ¬†I was in the car driving around talking to the universe out loud, working through the issues that were bugging me at the time.

I’m sure I probably looked like a madwoman to anyone who might have seen me but I don’t care. Because what happened next was so amazing it still confounds me to this day. I asked the universe, “What should I do!?!?” Seconds later, received a reply back in the form of a vehicle changing lanes two cars ahead of me and giving me a view of its license plate, which spelled out in big bold letters, “RELAX”. That was just what I needed to do at the time.

As with license plates, you can look for patterns in other places. ¬†One of the most enjoyable places to do this out in nature, but it can be done anywhere. ¬†Think about the fractal nature of reality. Start to observe the world around you to see how these patterns are manifested in front of us. It’s one of the most subtle, but most profound ways to start nurturing that connection we share with the world. Not only does this nurture the connection, but it also exercises your mind to identify patterns and recognize subtle nuances both of which are helpful for cultivating psychic abilities.

Another way to cultivate those abilities is to quiet your mind and “feel”. ¬† Just sit for a moment comfortably, in silence, don’t worry about the thoughts that pass, take deep breaths and just focus on your breathing and feeling the sensations of your body. Do this as long as it takes until you feel relaxed and calm.

Once you have reached a state of relaxation pick a subject, it can be a person, or a place, or a pet.  Give yourself some time with that subject and observe how it makes you feel physically and emotionally.  Drop your intellectual understanding of it for a moment and focusing instead on the feelings it evokes. Close your eyes and take note of colors or images that flash by. This exercise will help you get in touch with the different emotions things and people evoke in us. This is a good technique for developing discernment.  Think about how discernment might be important when it comes to psychic abilities.   It helps you not only identify vibrations you might be picking up from someone or something else, but also how those things effect you on an emotional level.

Another important thing to note is how sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the things we are picking up. ¬†You might feel the opposite problem, like you are too connected. ¬†Sometimes this can manifest as being so open that it feels hard to distinguish between what’s ours and what’s theirs.

In the big picture perspective it’s all the same thing, but that can get overwhelming at times when we are coming from a 3D vantage point. ¬†When this happens, it’s good to give yourself a break and get back into touch with your own energy. ¬†There are many ways to do this but the easiest way I’ve found is to just stop for a minute, close your eyes, breathe, and focus your attention inward, on your breathing, and let the rest of that stuff pass over you. ¬†I’ve also found aromatherapy helps this a bit too, energizing scents that wake up your body help bring you back to a physical perspective, the smell of oranges and citrus does this for me. ¬†The scent of Rose is another I enjoy when I feel like I need to clear some distracting vibes from my surrounding, to me rose is more comforting than invigorating.

Finally to wrap up this post, I just want to say this: Encourage it, grow it, guide it, but don’t force it. You can’t force the force, you know what I’m getting at? ¬†¬†You have to let it flow and encourage that flow by knocking down the walls we’ve created that dam the rivers of consciousness and infinity. Attempting to force it will only fatigue you because you’ll be focusing too much on the outcome and not enough on the enjoyment of it. ¬†Big results often come when you are least expecting them, and frequent results come with time and the gentle guiding of your awareness into other currents.

Infinite Conciousness

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on psychic abilities, and I figure there’s no time like the present to make a new one! ¬†The subject has come up a lot lately in my life with events and people and strange synchronicity. ¬†I have also noticed over the last few months that my posts on psychic phenomenon seem to generate a lot of interest.

People want to know more about the supernatural world.  Aside from the obvious cool factors, what is it that makes this stuff so intriguing to us?

I think there’s something important hiding behind our deep-rooted curiosity about miracles and magic, that unseen world hidden in plain sight all around us. ūüėČ ¬†Is our curiosity about the supernatural caused by a certain intuition we have, a sense of something greater than ourselves?

I think the interest in miracles and magic stems from the fact that on some level we are aware of this connection.  We might not be able to physically see it or completely comprehend it in an intellectual way, but it is something that is easy for us to feel when we look at the profound beauty and harmony expressed in the world around us.

I want to stress that I think the most important aspect of any psychic experience is the awareness behind it, that universal connection to spirit, source, god, whatever you want to call it. ¬†That is this driving force behind magic, psychic phenomenon miracles and pretty much everything. ¬†My next post will go into detail on the psychic stuff, but for now I’ll leave you with this,

When I envision the sum of infinity,
the myriad of its infinite parts and pieces
A buzz with activity,
whirling and swirling and working together
in the perfect picture of balance…
I see spirit.   All at once and all together
everything in time and space, across all dimensions,
tirelessly spiraling, in and out, pulling and Pushing.
Opposing forces creating perfect balance,
the quiet awareness behind our thoughts,
the “ultimate observer” .





Psychic abilities: Let’s talk about telepathy.

Alrighty! ¬†So far I have written about clairvoyance and empathy along with the broad subject of psychic abilities in general, ¬†today I would like to share some thoughts on telepathy! ¬†At first, I was going to include this with the empathy post, because I feel they kind of overlap. ¬†However, it occurred to me that really all these “abilities” overlap in different ways (maybe I’ll do a post on that too). ¬†So for the sake of readability, I’ll keep devoting a separate post to each topic.

Alright, telepathy! ¬†Awesome! ¬†So, this is a subject with which I’ve had some very interesting experiences. ¬† I would first like to share some thoughts on the subject of telepathy in general, and I’ll say again, and again and again if I have to. ¬†I believe being psychic goes hand in hand with being alive. ¬†Look at it like a bi-product of our connection to everything in existence. ¬†I’ve touched on this before in other blogs, but I think it’s really cool how some of the science today is starting to show how this works. ¬† With theories like entanglement the idea of one mind being able to communicate with the next isn’t only possible, it’s probable.

I think first, I want to share something I watched in a you tube video that really helped me understand my abilities and how they might be working. ¬†I have this thing where literally all the time people are taking the words out of my mouth, and vice versa, like verbatim what I was going to say. ¬† I was starting to wonder if I wasn’t broadcasting my thoughts all over the place (which could be possible too) Then, this video I watched suggested that in fact I might be picking up on the thoughts of everyone around me, and thinking they are my own.

For me that made so much sense and brought so much clarity! ¬†It was like the light-bulb AH-HA moment! ¬† This is another ability where it really helps to be able to have a good neutral state that is cleared from clutter caused from Television and the like. ¬†(You’ll probably see me mention from time to time, my absolute disdain for TV. ¬†We have one, but it’s in storage, and I’m not sure if it works anymore, and couldn’t really care less.)

So, yes, you’ll notice this weird thing with people finishing your sentences or vice-versa. ¬†I’ve also noticed (especially in the last couple of years) that I will have this urge to check my email or facebook and as I’m clicking over to go do that, I get a new message notification. ¬† That happens all the time now. ¬†Now that could be telepathy of some sort, or it could be more of a case of precognition, but like I said, I think this stuff blends together in a sort of psychic soup if you will.

With regard to more blatant forms of telepathy, I’ve experienced that as well. ¬†One of the first really memorable times for me was in high school. ¬†My boyfriend at the time and I were driving back to my house and he missed the turn. ¬†I heard him say “FUCK” really loud and I said. ¬†“Dude, you don’t need to swear and freak out, just turn around up here.” ¬†He looked at me like I had grown another head and said. ¬†“I didn’t say it, I was thinking it.”

Another strange occurrence with telepathy happened a few years later after I got out of high school.  I was with my mom in the living room and we had this young weimaraner dog named Hailey.  She was a super-super excitable active dog that never stopped moving and would frequently trash the house due to her bouncing around all over the place and knocking stuff over.   I crouched down by her while she was in one of her hyper modes, and took her head in my hands and stared into her eyes.  Then I jokingly said in a star-wars Jedi voice.

“You’re getting very sleepy, you want to go lay down on the couch.” ¬†To my surprise, she blinked at me a couple of times and slowly turned around climbed up onto the couch and laid down. ¬†She put her head on her paws and blinked at me a couple more times before closing her eyes and going to sleep. ¬†My mom saw all this and said. ¬†“Well that was creepy.” ¬†I was equally surprised, because I was just joking around but because of that instance and a few other experiences I’ve had, I learned that I get the best results when I’m lighthearted and happy and not really caring about the results I get.

Other examples of telepathy related stuff. ¬†Much like the clairvoyance when I am a relaxed state I’m more receptive to picking stuff up. ¬†For much of my life this has made it difficult for me to get to sleep, to the point where I would listen to a radio at night growing up because it would drown out the other “noise” I would hear. ¬† ¬†For me that noise was much like listening to a radio, only the person in control of the radio would be constantly switching from station to station, so the things I would hear would only be confusing fragments.

On occasion the “broadcast from the ethers” ¬†does become more personal and relevant to me. ¬†Once when I was staying over at my aunt’s house, around 3 or four in the morning when her house was so silent you could hear a pin-drop, I heard someone whisper my name, not once but twice.

More recently July 24th of this last summer I heard someone say “Listen to the radio on January 11.” ¬†It was in such stark contrast to the jumble of ¬†stuff I normally pick up, and so clear I wrote that shit down! ¬†In a strange turn of events I got a random friend request yesterday from a man who invited me to like a strange page with a guy who claims to be a messenger from god. ¬†The page had a live broadcast that was due to be aired on January 11th, I’ll be tuning in, the curiosity is too much.

Speaking of writing stuff down, that’s a good habit to get into, it can be difficult remembering all the vague weird stuff that comes up and it might not seem relevant in the moment, but it’s good to have a record you can go back and reference, should you need to. ¬†Well I think I’m going to wrap up this post for now, I might expand some more on the subject later though. ¬†That would be cool. ¬†Thanks for reading!



Psychic Stuff: Perceptions.

I thought it would be fun to dive more into this subject of psychic abilities and share some of my own observations and experiences.

The first thing I want to talk about is clairvoyance. ¬†In my opinion it really starts out with just being observant, and opening yourself up to the wonder around you, and not taking it for granted. ¬†I remember talking to my mom about psychic stuff, clairvoyance in particular and describing things to her that I would see, ¬†and she wondered if it wasn’t a case of me just being a bit more observant than your average person. ¬†I have spent most of my life pursuing artistic subjects and that does give one a tendency to look a little more closely at things, and perhaps notice what others do not.

Watching a Dr. Who episode had me thinking about that again a couple of weeks ago. ¬†It was an episode which featured the well-known artist Vincent Van Gogh. ¬†For me it was a very moving and emotional episode because the things the character spoke about were things I could understand and relate to with having witnessed them in my own experience. ¬†He talked about how most people really don’t see the beauty of the world around them they’re too absorbed in the hum-drum of daily living.

When you look at Van Gogh’s work you see that there is a really interesting quality to the way he depicts light. ¬† It’s almost as if it comes to life in his paintings and has a personality all of its own. ¬†There is more texture and movement and color play in the light as compared to how other artists depict it. ¬†Like a myriad of dancing prismatic ethereal creatures emanating from a single source. ¬†There are subtle things which we see every day that are more wonderful, beautiful, and mesmerizing then I can really put into words. ¬† I think it’s possible for anyone to see them, just that most people don’t bother to really take the time and look.

Part of my reason for this belief is that while I’ve always seen stuff and noticed things, the older I get the stronger it gets and the more I see. ¬†I think that is because it’s something I’m training in myself. ¬†It’s an interest I have had from a very young age and so I’ve been focusing on it for a long time. ¬†Add to that the fact that I have pursued art for most of my life and that requires the ability to be able to “see” something, instead of just looking at it.

For me just looking at a light, I see rays and waves of prismatic color emanating from the bright center, they seem to undulate and move. ¬†When I look at my surroundings there is also a strange quality of movement or vibration. ¬†The wall still looks like a wall, but it looks like a living wall. ¬†It looks like it is practically buzzing with energy. ¬†The air between myself and the wall also has this buzzing/undulating quality to it. ¬†It doesn’t look empty, perhaps kinda transparent, but not empty.

When I focus for longer amounts of time this quality becomes more apparent, I start to see other subtle things that I can’t quite define, they are a part of this mix but separate from it as well, like they are forming from it and moving in it, I can’t always define what they are; they have shape and form somewhat but it’s hard to make out, they just seem to have a presence.

I see these tiny swarming luminous dots that are everywhere at all times day or night sometimes they are fainter but always there. ¬†Then other times I see these “lights”. ¬† These are bolder, bigger, brighter and more attention grabbing than the little swarming dots, sometimes it seems as if they are pulling the light in the area away from them…it’s hard to explain but I’ll try my best. ¬†On occasion they seem to have this faint electric black quality to them that is bright in a way but still a sharp contrast to the rest of it…..

Hair is another fascinating one. ¬†I can remember when I was a child sitting out in the sun one day staring at a piece of my hair for what seemed like hours fascinated by how the colors in it seemed to move and didn’t look like what I was used to seeing in the mirror. ¬†I still see that quality in things, there’s this thing about color and movement. ¬†There is more of it then we really tend to realize.

When I go outside, around the trees and forests I see this field of energy that is very bright. ¬†In some trees this field seems to project itself upward to the sky, I haven’t noticed it happening with any particular species of trees, it could be an evergreen, or an oak, or birch or whatever, it’s pretty random.

I have noticed in the past strange things too, I’m not sure what they were. ¬†Once near my hometown when I was probably 15 or 16 in the distance toward the horizon I could make out what I can only describe as “tentacles” reaching up toward the sky…they had a faint purplish color.

As far as other oddities, a couple of times I’ve seen other lights that were very big about the size of an orange or grapefruit, that floated and moved as if they had some kind of intelligence guiding them.

Once when I was in high school, while laying on my bed, still awake but very relaxed, I saw what looked like two humanoid transparent shapes morphing out of my wall slightly before vanishing.

I have seen what  I assume to be a ghost floating across a field when we were driving past a grave yard, and I can often see energy emanating from people, things, and animals.

Birds are very interesting to me because every time I have seen them flying, they always have a perfectly shaped vivid sphere of energy surrounding them.

This has made me question if there’s more to bird flight then we realize, or if the act of flying is such an exertion of energy that I’m just seeing it very clearly. ¬†Either way it’s cool. ¬†When I look at airplanes and man-made objects in the sky it doesn’t look the same as when I see birds flying.

I also get flashes of images in my minds eye quite often. ¬†Most of the time it’s pretty jumbled and chaotic, it feels like I’m seeing multiple things all at once, or bits of things here and there. ¬†Sometimes they will linger and other times they’ll be gone in an instant, just sort of impressions.

Well that’s about it for now. ¬†It’s getting late and time for me to go to bed! ¬†I will do another post tomorrow continuing the theme. ¬†In that post I’ll most likely share my experiences with telepathy, and empathy.

Let’s take a look at psychic abilities!

I’ve been seeing that my post on coming out of the psychic/spiritual closet has gotten some of the most traffic out of the humble amount of visits I’ve had to this site, so I thought I would write a blog exploring the subject more in-depth, and sharing some of the recent discoveries and theories which give more weight to the idea that humans are all innately psychic.

This has been a fascinating subject for me my whole life, and I have had some time to study it both in theory and in practice. ¬†First of all, my main belief regarding this subject is that it really is a natural thing, so natural that most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it, or that it’s even going on. ¬†I think that it is such an integrated part of our programming that we loose sight of how awesome it really is. ¬† ¬†It can be as simple as that feeling you get when someone is watching you, or thinking about someone you know right before they contact you in some way. ¬†While these are simple common occurrences that are often passed off as coincidence, I think they deserve some real consideration.

Thankfully, that is finally starting to happen   This subject is finally moving from the fringes of society and being given serious consideration in  areas of respected scientific experimentation and thought.  Studies on things like quantum mechanics start to open the doors to new ways of looking at things like esp, telepathy, precognition, bi-location, and even teleportation, just to name a few of the many varieties of psychic phenomenon floating around out there.

If you look at theories in physics today, such as quantum entanglement (where what you do to one particle will simultaneously effect a particle it is entangled with), it becomes easier to swallow the idea that we might somehow share a connection which enables us to achieve feats that would fall under the category of psychic phenomena such as ESP and Telepathy.

More far-fetched phenomena such as teleportation become closer to reality when we look at experiments on quantum teleportation where they have successfully transported photons of light from point a to point b.

The double slit experiment is a classic example of how the very act of our observation has a direct effect on the results of an outcome of an experiment.

It’s not just new age loonies who are coming to belief in the power our consciousness has, mainstream scientists and researchers are starting to slowly come to the same conclusions that mystics have been going on about for thousands of years. ¬†The reality around us is influenced, and even created by our consciousness.

Physicists such as Fred Alan Wolf (Popularized in the movie What the Bleep do We Know?) have been outspoken on the subject for a while now.  There are even groups of researchers devoted to seriously studying these phenomena.  IONS or the Institute of Noetic Sciences is one such group, though there are many others.  Even governments have devoted considerable time and resources into studying psychic abilities, and even attempting to use and refine them.  Remote Viewing is a great example of this.

There are great strides being made in the realm of science and popular thought. ¬†I think it’s equally important to be introspective as well, and explore your own truths when it comes to psychic abilities. This is a good time to start getting into meditation, clearing your head so you can discern the psychic impressions you might be already receiving from the mental chatter caused by living life. ¬† It is also a good practice to rid yourself of distractions that tend to add to this mental chatter, such as television, worry, and haha facebook. ¬†We are living in an age where information is streaming past us at an almost constant rate, and it’s important to give yourself time to recharge and regroup, to get in touch with yourself and enjoy the silence for a bit.

For those of you who might want to really pursue developing your psychic abilities, there is a huge amount of information available on the web. ¬†I’m adding some links below to get you started if you feel interested in learning more about this awesome topic, one I’m sure I’ll write more on later. (Robert Monroe and Out of Body experiences)  IONS online psi-arcade.  (a place for you to hone your psychic abilities while simutaniously providing data for research into this area.)  Researching psychic phenomena.¬†Psipog archive. ¬†This used to be a really neat community of “psions” or people actively learning and practicing psychic abilities. ¬†The site has since been archived and all of the articles and information is available to download.

Google.  Google is your friend, especially with a huge topic containing so many huge sub-topics.

Is there something you would like to see more of with regard to this subject? ¬†I’m thinking of doing more, but I’d like a better idea what I should elaborate on. ¬†I know I have seen some really interesting news articles over the last few months that I’ll share as soon as I track them down, and I think I’ll do a separate blog regarding my personal experiences with psychic stuff. ¬†Thanks for reading, ¬†Namaste…groovy. ūüôā

Coming out of the Spiritual/Psychic Closet.

I feel it is necessary to say this. ¬†I’m psychic, you’re psychic, and it’s a natural thing. ¬† There’s nothing un-natural about the supposed “supernatural” world around us. ¬†Spirituality has been saying this for a long time. ¬†We have always known there was something out there greater than ourselves, that we share a connection to something¬†infinite.¬† ¬†Spirituality is the physics that we don’t yet¬†understand.

Luckily, science is starting to catch up. ¬†The left brain is starting to say to the right brain “Great Scott! You might be right…let me see if this adds up!” ¬†It does add up, and Quantum physics is starting to point to the same principles that spirituality upholds. ¬†Principles that say we’re all connected, we’re all part of that source which we call god. ¬†That we’re responsible for the reality which we are a part of. ¬†That connectedness empowers us and gives us rise to what are referred to as psychic abilities.

However, because the reality we experience is directly related to the beliefs we hold, many people limit themselves when it comes to psychic¬†abilities. ¬†They are raised in a paradigm which states that these abilities either don’t exist or come from nefarious sources. ¬†Through outdated social systems and religious dogma, they become dis-connected from their¬†infinite¬†nature. ¬†They become dis-empowered.

I believe the time has come to start empowering people. ¬†The best way to do that is to raise awareness. ¬†To wake people up. ¬†Any movement will encounter resistance, it’s when people start standing up and talking about it, that¬†resistance¬†starts to disappear. ¬†I want to add my voice to the spiritual movement taking place here, the empowerment of humanity and our awakening to our true potential. ¬†¬†I find that many of our current systems are failing us and it is necessary for a new (or old actually) way of thinking and doing things.

So Yes, I’m officially coming out of the psychic/spiritual closet, while the psychic abilities are a nifty piece of that, it’s only a small part of an¬†infinity¬†larger puzzle.¬†My spiritual path started, and continues today from a sense of curiosity, to learn about how the universe around me works, and how I fit into it, or rather, how I create it.

For me Spirituality is a form of empowerment, a tool for growth, and an expression of my identity.    It is miracles and magic, druids and dragons, elves and angels.  It is alchemy, the transmutation of coincidence into synchronicity.  It is creative expression, the sharing of  love and light.   It is actively participating in the creation of reality.

It is my hope that we can come together and start thinking of creative solutions to the issues we face today.  We can create a more sustainable and beautiful world around us through realizing our connection with it, and our connection with each other.