Truth is good.

They say honesty is the best policy and I would have to agree.  Some will tell you that truth is not important.  That “truth” is a subjective thing and really inconsequential when you are looking at things from a source perspective.  I have to disagree.  wholeheartedly, 100%.  It is my firm belief that truth, is one of the most precious, important ideals we have.  It is one of the most important things we can strive for.  Truth is what drives us to grow, to evolve.  Truth is what drives us to better ourselves, the love for learning about the world and uncovering its truths is one of the greatest lights that we shine as a species.  When we ignore truth and lie to others and ourselves we do the most harm in the quickest way possible.

Without truth, you cannot really ever learn, and you cannot really ever grow as a person, blatantly ignoring truth is poisonous to the soul.   You could compare ignoring truth for the sake of feeling good  to drinking antifreeze.    Antifreeze is sweet, it has a pleasant smell, it might even feel good to drink it.  But if you ignore the truth of what it is and decide to drink it, it will poison you, and you will die.  The fact is, truth will win out in the end, you will have discovered the truth of the antifreeze, but at that point your life will be over.

Truth is important because it allows people to make objective decisions.   We live in a universe of probabilities.  To survive, it is important to know as much about those probabilities as we can and if we ignore truth, we’re ignoring life.  We’re ignoring the opportunity to expand ourselves, and we’re poisoning the knowledge base we already have, effectively stunting our growth, or worse.

If source split itself into an infinite amount of conscious pieces, in the effort to expand itself, truth is an important tool for its expansion.  Truth is what tells you what you like and what you don’t like.  If you are not true to yourself, and you are not truthful with other people, they will never really know you, or appreciate you for your genuine beauty, and you’ll never really get to blossom into the flower you were meant to become.

Truth has been something I’ve chased after my whole life, and sometimes the truth hurts.  I won’t deny that.   However if you have ever broken a bone, and had to have it set, you’ll know that hurts too. But if you don’t reset the bone, it’s going to heal wrong and you could open yourself up to a whole bunch of problems that could have been avoided, you don’t get the chance to fully heal from your wounds.

I took a little break from this post after publishing it, but I feel I need to add more to it.  It doesn’t seem complete yet, and I may re-visit this and elaborate on it more from time to time.  (If anyone knows how to get updated blogs to show up on the main feed, please share, it would be swell.)

A friend of mine posted something interesting on facebook.  I’ve seen it before but I always enjoy it every time I see it.     It is the phrase, “Fear is false evidence appearing real.”   I was thinking about that phrase and how it applies to the ideal of truth.  If we have false evidence, (a lack of truth) we have more fear.  I like to think of truth as a way of dispelling fear, it is far less likely you will be afraid of something once you know the truth of it.  That old phrase “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” comes to mind.  Fear is uncertainty, it is being left in the dark with no light of truth to help you find your way.  To me truth is light, truth is loving, truth might not always be pleasant, or what we want to hear,  but it is kind, because ultimately, it empowers us, and aids in our expansion.

Getting your needs met.

A conversation with my husband this morning has got me thinking about how we communicate and what we communicate.  I wonder how many problems of the world are caused by simply misunderstanding people and circumstances? I was sick with a fever and chills yesterday, I had some sort of bug that left me feeling very exhausted and shitty.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything for long amounts of time, and I slept for most of the day.    The day before that,  I had power-cleaned the house but the days activities had made that fact hard to notice.

So, in a nutshell, our conversation this morning was sparked by the fact I had asked John if he would do the dishes yesterday when I was sick, and they were still sitting there today, unwashed.  I was upset that he didn’t do the dishes (right away)  The “right away” part was lost in translation because I wasn’t specific.  To be honest, I felt offended that he didn’t pick up on the implied time-frame of “right now”.

To me the “right now” was obvious.  We didn’t have any clean dishes.  They were piling up on the counter, and add to that it was frustrating having done so much cleaning the day before only to have it revert back to messiness in less than 24 hours.

After thinking about it for a moment, I explained to him that for me it felt unloving to leave the dishes sitting.  I felt like I was being ignored, and I wouldn’t have asked him to do them if I wanted them to sit there for another day. John doesn’t think that way.  He’s a different person than I am, and as much as I am a proponent of telepathy, it just not that simple.

A stack of dirty dishes won’t make his eye twitch like it does to me.  He doesn’t have the same adverse reaction to it as I do, therefor he doesn’t have the same sense of urgency when it comes to getting them done. During our conversation he used a funny but effective way of explaining how he thinks.   He told me that if I want something done “right now” like the dishes I should specify “right now”.  He said his mind just kind of automatically puts the request into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” category.  He said it requires a kind of override in the form of sternness, that way he can calculate the urgency level of the task.

Our conversation continued with me telling him that made sense, but I didn’t want to resort to having to be stern when I have to ask for something.  I told him I didn’t want to feel like the nagging wife.   At the end of it we resolved that I would be more specific about what I need and try to articulate a time-frame if there is one.  Makes sense.

I think a lot of the time when we ask for help, we feel bad for even asking, so we don’t go into much detail about what we need; or we assume those details are already known, when perhaps they are not.   This conversation got me thinking about the whole idea of getting our needs met, and communication, it’s made me see the value of being specific.  It’s not a bad thing to disclose what you want, and how you want it.

By the way, we ended up doing the dishes this morning together, they got done much faster. 🙂