Coming out of the Spiritual/Psychic Closet.

I feel it is necessary to say this.  I’m psychic, you’re psychic, and it’s a natural thing.   There’s nothing un-natural about the supposed “supernatural” world around us.  Spirituality has been saying this for a long time.  We have always known there was something out there greater than ourselves, that we share a connection to something infinite.   Spirituality is the physics that we don’t yet understand.

Luckily, science is starting to catch up.  The left brain is starting to say to the right brain “Great Scott! You might be right…let me see if this adds up!”  It does add up, and Quantum physics is starting to point to the same principles that spirituality upholds.  Principles that say we’re all connected, we’re all part of that source which we call god.  That we’re responsible for the reality which we are a part of.  That connectedness empowers us and gives us rise to what are referred to as psychic abilities.

However, because the reality we experience is directly related to the beliefs we hold, many people limit themselves when it comes to psychic abilities.  They are raised in a paradigm which states that these abilities either don’t exist or come from nefarious sources.  Through outdated social systems and religious dogma, they become dis-connected from their infinite nature.  They become dis-empowered.

I believe the time has come to start empowering people.  The best way to do that is to raise awareness.  To wake people up.  Any movement will encounter resistance, it’s when people start standing up and talking about it, that resistance starts to disappear.  I want to add my voice to the spiritual movement taking place here, the empowerment of humanity and our awakening to our true potential.   I find that many of our current systems are failing us and it is necessary for a new (or old actually) way of thinking and doing things.

So Yes, I’m officially coming out of the psychic/spiritual closet, while the psychic abilities are a nifty piece of that, it’s only a small part of an infinity larger puzzle. My spiritual path started, and continues today from a sense of curiosity, to learn about how the universe around me works, and how I fit into it, or rather, how I create it.

For me Spirituality is a form of empowerment, a tool for growth, and an expression of my identity.    It is miracles and magic, druids and dragons, elves and angels.  It is alchemy, the transmutation of coincidence into synchronicity.  It is creative expression, the sharing of  love and light.   It is actively participating in the creation of reality.

It is my hope that we can come together and start thinking of creative solutions to the issues we face today.  We can create a more sustainable and beautiful world around us through realizing our connection with it, and our connection with each other.