Cultivating Psychic Awareness

As promised in my last post, I’m going to talk about some of that psychic stuff we all find so nifty. The big thing I wanted to emphasize before was the connection to the universe that we all share, it’s an important part of how all of this works. When we become more aware of that larger aspect of ourselves, we’re able to see the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle hints that show us that we’re living in and part of a far bigger place than we had ever imagined.

If you wanted to open yourself up to that larger world, how would you go about it? How would you bring it into your awareness?  What is required of us to bridge the gap from coincidence to connection?

To answer this question, let’s discuss first look at the subject of coincidence, and then go from there. Many of us shrug off unexplained events saying, “It was just a coincidence.”   You should never rob yourself of magic and miracles by saying that something strange or wonderful you experienced was, “just a coincidence.” In my opinion that’s an insult to god and the genius of nature.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe in coincidences.  What I believe is that we’re connected to an amazing force that works in ways that are beyond our comprehension.  Sometimes we catch a glimpse of that force in action, and we mistakenly call it coincidence.

It  would more appropriately be called synchronicity, serendipity, or even (especially) providence a word I’m really digging lately and I’d like to thank Pair O’ Dime shift (something I’ll be writing about next) for reminding me of it, freaking awesome.

Anyway, before I go on, I want to emphasize that the biggest thing that will bring magic into your life is believing it’s there.  Just like anything, that requires practice but,  in a way you might not expect.  Cultivating believe requires a  form of practice is more gentle, more allowing, less forcing.

If you’re familiar already familiar with the world of serendipity and synchronicity, awesome!  When we’re open to it ourselves, we help open the doors for others to step into magical worlds as well.  If you are not, let me share with you some ways you can invite it into your experience that have worked for me and people I know personally.

I know it sounds strange, but keep your eye out for feathers. Feathers show up into your experience to guide you and tell you that you’re on the right track and following your passion. I believe it works because it gives us something tangible we can use to identify when we’re on the right track, this helps us on our journey of allowing synchronicity into our lives.

I have found this to work in my experience, over and over again.  I often see feathers when I’m feeling very inspired working on something that makes me feel great.  For example, last week I was out in the yard, looking at the house planning my garden and deep in pleasant thought about how it would look, imagining this lush paradise…  I look down at the ground for a moment and there I see a beautiful feather.  For me feathers send the message of “You’re going in the right direction, keep it up.”

You can apply this technique with other things, and they can carry with them all sorts of different messages which can be unique to each person.

For example, I used to tattoo an awesome lady named Tami, she’s one of those high vibe people who can lift up a whole room with her bubbly nature. She’s told me some of her stories and they are incredible, and would require a blog of their own and her to tell them. However,there is one such story she’s told me which I’d like to share, it’s about pennies and coins.

To Tami, they were more than just coins, their presence would carry with them the message that she was not alone. Specifically, the appearance of coins represented a connection she had with her grandparents who had passed away. Before they passed, they told her they would use coins to let her know they were still in her presence. Tami has found thousands of coins in many weird ways, they show up in stacks, in unlikely places, everywhere, all the time. She’s become so in tune with
that being a part of her life, it’s a very common occurrence for her.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in other posts or not but another thing you can do is look out for license plates while you are waiting in traffic.  I can’t tell you how many downright strange and simultaneously wonderful experiences I’ve had that involve license plates.   License plates are interesting, especially if you have studied numerology.  I often equate it to scenes from The Matrix where they are looking at computer screens of iterating through the screen and translating into the events happening inside that reality.  I like to keep an eye out for repeating number sequences and patterns on license plates, you can use numerology to glean an insight into what they might mean.  It’s good to make a note of the things you might be thinking about when patterns and sequences start repeating in your experience.

Even if you haven’t looked into numerology and number sequences license plates are still super interesting.  Sometimes I’ll get downright blatant messages on license plates that are so completely relevant to what I’m thinking about it’s just nuts.  For example, one day, I was literally freaking out about a bunch of stuff that was stressing me out.  I was in the car driving around talking to the universe out loud, working through the issues that were bugging me at the time.

I’m sure I probably looked like a madwoman to anyone who might have seen me but I don’t care. Because what happened next was so amazing it still confounds me to this day. I asked the universe, “What should I do!?!?” Seconds later, received a reply back in the form of a vehicle changing lanes two cars ahead of me and giving me a view of its license plate, which spelled out in big bold letters, “RELAX”. That was just what I needed to do at the time.

As with license plates, you can look for patterns in other places.  One of the most enjoyable places to do this out in nature, but it can be done anywhere.  Think about the fractal nature of reality. Start to observe the world around you to see how these patterns are manifested in front of us. It’s one of the most subtle, but most profound ways to start nurturing that connection we share with the world. Not only does this nurture the connection, but it also exercises your mind to identify patterns and recognize subtle nuances both of which are helpful for cultivating psychic abilities.

Another way to cultivate those abilities is to quiet your mind and “feel”.   Just sit for a moment comfortably, in silence, don’t worry about the thoughts that pass, take deep breaths and just focus on your breathing and feeling the sensations of your body. Do this as long as it takes until you feel relaxed and calm.

Once you have reached a state of relaxation pick a subject, it can be a person, or a place, or a pet.  Give yourself some time with that subject and observe how it makes you feel physically and emotionally.  Drop your intellectual understanding of it for a moment and focusing instead on the feelings it evokes. Close your eyes and take note of colors or images that flash by. This exercise will help you get in touch with the different emotions things and people evoke in us. This is a good technique for developing discernment.  Think about how discernment might be important when it comes to psychic abilities.   It helps you not only identify vibrations you might be picking up from someone or something else, but also how those things effect you on an emotional level.

Another important thing to note is how sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the things we are picking up.  You might feel the opposite problem, like you are too connected.  Sometimes this can manifest as being so open that it feels hard to distinguish between what’s ours and what’s theirs.

In the big picture perspective it’s all the same thing, but that can get overwhelming at times when we are coming from a 3D vantage point.  When this happens, it’s good to give yourself a break and get back into touch with your own energy.  There are many ways to do this but the easiest way I’ve found is to just stop for a minute, close your eyes, breathe, and focus your attention inward, on your breathing, and let the rest of that stuff pass over you.  I’ve also found aromatherapy helps this a bit too, energizing scents that wake up your body help bring you back to a physical perspective, the smell of oranges and citrus does this for me.  The scent of Rose is another I enjoy when I feel like I need to clear some distracting vibes from my surrounding, to me rose is more comforting than invigorating.

Finally to wrap up this post, I just want to say this: Encourage it, grow it, guide it, but don’t force it. You can’t force the force, you know what I’m getting at?   You have to let it flow and encourage that flow by knocking down the walls we’ve created that dam the rivers of consciousness and infinity. Attempting to force it will only fatigue you because you’ll be focusing too much on the outcome and not enough on the enjoyment of it.  Big results often come when you are least expecting them, and frequent results come with time and the gentle guiding of your awareness into other currents.