Fractal Communities.

I’m super excited about something happening right now, stoked in fact.  I’m looking at the world and I’m seeing a massive amount of people waking up around me, on all levels.  I see it with my friends and family the people I know in person, who are now taking seriously subjects they would have laughed off or ignored only a few short years ago.

I see it manifested on a global level with these sweeping changes and protests happening all over the world, where people are rising up to take a stand against oppressive governments and political and corporate corruption.    I see it every day on Facebook with people excitedly sharing information on all manner of subjects from organic farming to ancient aliens.   The sense of wonder we had as children is slowly filtering back into society person by person, it’s clear to me that people are waking up.  When I say “waking up” I’m not just speaking in new-agey, “ascend to the fifth dimension” terms either.  Though to be fair, I do feel that’s happening, just not in the way we expected.   This ascension is much more subtle and in some ways even more fantastic…

While ascension is cool, when I speak of “waking up” I am focusing more on the general theme of empowerment.  If I had to find one word to express the idea of what waking up means to me, it would be empowerment, which manifests itself in many ways.  The greatest thing about empowerment is that when a person becomes empowered a ripple effect is created causing more people wake up to their own potential and purpose.  I think the best way to promote positive world change is to maximize this ripple effect so that it can reach out and empower as many people as possible, in a myriad of different and exciting ways.

I think the many social movements happening right now are a manifestation of this ripple effect.  There are a lot of people banding together to help spread awareness and create positive world change in all manner of different areas like technology and free energy, freedom and  human rights, corporate and political corruption and (more importantly) how to fix it, holistic medicine and organic food, animal rights, environment and permaculture, sustainability, spirituality, human potential, quantum physics, alternative history and more.

While these people are all forming different groups with different focuses and approaches, they all have common goals in mind when you look at the big picture.  The big picture is that we all need to live here, we mess up this planet and we’re kinda screwed and we really all just want to be happy.  The big picture is that in the grand scheme of things we’re not as different from each other as we’ve been lead to believe, and we have to work together if we want to not only survive, but thrive.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it would look like if all of these different groups and people started to really interact with each other to maximize this ripple effect.  In my last post I talked a little about plant guilds and gardening.  In this post on the subject of permaculture, I introduced the idea of communities working as guilds and I’d like to expand upon that now.

Plant guilds are groups of plants that work together in an ecosystem to benefit each other and keep the whole plant community and ecosystem thriving and healthy.  Some plants repel or attract insects, some plants improve the soil, some plants keep moisture in the soil, some plants provide shade, the list goes on and on.  The point is, the plants all help each other out to form a balanced and interdependent community.   I believe that we can look to nature for a blueprint we can use to create a paradigm shift toward a more healthy way of life not only on a personal but a global level as well.

A successful community of people is very similar to a successful community of plants.  There are relationships formed on all levels,a total connectivity.  There is redundancy built into the community, meaning that if one system fails, another is there to support the function it served.  There is also variety and versatility, which means many different functions can be preformed. There is an exchange of resources as well, the surplus is shared with all members of the community, this is explained in a really interesting video on how plants communicate with and assist each other.

There are simple things we can do to put these ideas into action.

We could include ourselves in a variety of different communities, as well as increase the interaction between them.  For example, communities could collaborate and trade advertising and help spread awareness about each of their respective fields.  This sharing would increase the flow of information available to each community and they would all in turn benefit from the increased exposure to people and increase in available resources and perspectives.

We can look to nature to see another important aspect of relationships and communities, the shape things take.  When we look closely, we see a fractal pattern to the relationships found in nature.  The whole of existence takes on a fractal form and we can see the same pattern repeated throughout each iteration.   The whole is formed from the many infinite parts working together in a balanced way, when that balance is thrown off on one iteration it can affect the whole system.  If we want to observe this fractal process in action we need only to look to the bacteria living in our guts for an example of how something on the microscopic level can have a profound effect on the macroscopic whole.

We can take a lesson from nature and apply this principle to the relationships and communities we form with people.   We can utilize this structure to maximize that ripple I was talking about earlier.  We do this by focusing our attention on both levels, because we realize they are one and the same.

As above, so below!  This means we take personal responsibility as well as shared responsibility for the health of ourselves and the planet.  We can recognize the importance of each person and community on every part of the scale, from the individual level to the global community.   This means we all share a responsibility and connection because we live in an interdependent universe.  I’m you, you’re me, and that rock, and that chair, and that tree.  In a nutshell, 😉  This means we not only talk but we do.  We take action in our own lives to be the change we want to see.    This catalyzes a change in ourselves on a personal level which reflects and manifests on a global level.  We really can make a difference by working on ourselves.   We become a part of the solution.

I think there’s a certain energetic recipe required to enable a global change for the good.  That recipe requires the fulfillment of basic energetic needs which can be expressed well with the chakra system. If we look at society as an organism, we can use chakras to get an idea of what it needs.

Root Chakra:
People need to have their basic needs for living met, this includes healthy nutritious food, clean air and water, shelter, and clothing.  The root chakra is all about survival.  In a society people need access to these basic human rights.

Sacral Chakra:
People need to be able to feel emotionally secure, able to understand their feelings and emotions, but not be enslaved by them.  This chakra is all about emotional empowerment, and not being a victim to fear.  In a successful society, people need to be able to free themselves from anxiety and stress, to be happy.

Solar Plexus:
The Solar plexus expands on the concept of emotions and encompasses self-esteem and confidence, the projection of the self, and identity.  A person needs to feel that they can freely express themselves to contribute productively to society.

Heart Chakra:
People need to feel like love and a sense of community.  The heart chakra is all about community and a sense of connection to others.  A healthy society has a strong sense of community and connection.

Throat Chakra
This chakra is all about expression and communication.  People need to be able to express their ideas creativity.  This chakra is all about the flow of information and ideas and self-expression and creativity.  A society with a healthy throat chakra values freedom of information and speech.  People are welcome to share their opinions and ideas.  Information flows freely.

3rd Eye Chakra
This chakra is about intuition and visualization, it is the world known as the thought realm, or the astral realm, the place where thoughts exist before they manifest in the 3D.  This is the opening up to other ideas and changing the blueprint for our world, not being limited in ideas.  A healthy society successfully draws upon the information flow of the throat chakra and utilizes that information to create and manifest new things.

Crown Chakra
This chakra is the connection with your higher self, the part of you which is called the mind of god, the consciousness behind infinity.  It is the connection to something greater than yourself.   A healthy society recognizes their connection to each other and the world, and the responsibility it carries.

There are many different programs, communities, movements, and groups of people and individuals who offer a variety of resources in the different “vibrations” needed to meet these requirements for global empowerment.  I believe that we could really maximize the effectiveness and impact of these individual communities by getting them to all work together as a whole to collaborate on addressing the issues we face today.  There are no closed systems in nature, I believe there shouldn’t be closed systems with people either.  A successful ecosystem has a lot of movement in it, a lot of relationships, I believe we should expand on this natural concept and increase the movement between systems and the communication and sharing of energy.

Finally, it would be rather silly of me to write a huge blog post about community and movements without sharing some of them!   Here is a short list of the movements I am active and interested in.

Panic To Freedom  is a community based program which helps individuals find freedom from panic and anxiety with proven methods that have worked for tons of people (myself included) and require no prescription drugs and dangerous medication.  They offer a great online support community which allows you to interact with other people facing similar issues and situations.  To get an idea of What Panic to Freedom is all about, check out their YouTube channel (which has a ton of free advice and information), Website, and this blog I wrote about my experiences with the 4 principles of going from Panic to Freedom.

Spirit Science started out as an awesome little YouTube channel and has grown considerably to become an active online community and information hub.  Spirit Science is centered around  animated videos featuring a character called “Patchman” who introduces and explores a broad range of topics combining spirituality and science together in an easy to understand and entertaining way.   For me, Spirit Science really helps meed the need for wonder and magic, and has helped me form a better understanding of the beauty and magic of nature and history.

The Common Ground Movement is a grass-roots movement that focuses on our similarities and the common issues we are all facing together.  Some of those issues include the corrupt relationship between government and business, the slow erosion of the constitution and our rights as citizens, along with information on these issues the CGM also offers solutions and ideas and informational resources for changing the current paradigm. is a great place to start if you want to learn more about the Permaculture Movement and how to use permaculture principles in your life.  Permaculture is often looked at more as a way of life then a just a form of farming because of the broad area it covers.  The permaculture movement is the simple spreading awareness on the principles of permaculture as it applies to ecological farming, business and industry and much more.    Permaculture serves as a smarter system for living, farming, business and industry which will do a much better job of meeting the basic needs for food, energy, and water in a way that is not damaging but actually healing for the environment.

The Blue Zones Project is a wide-ranging community based program which seeks to put vitality back into local communities by making local options and community involvement more accessible.  It focuses on living in a sustainable, healthy way by using what is called “The Power 9” or nine principles for living a healthy life.

The Resonance Project is based on the work of Physicist Nassim Haramein.  The work centers around the geometry of space and a new unified field theory.  His presentations can be found on YouTube, they are awesome and incorporate alternative history, alien intervention, sacred geometry, physics, geometry, mathematics and much more for a different view of the universe that is both beautiful and infinite.

Vortex Based Mathematics is the work of Marko Rodin, a brilliant mathematician who has also discovered interesting new insights on the geometry of the universe.  His vortex based mathematics are leading to innovations like the Rodin Coil which could change the way we use technology today.

The Thrive Movement is centered around a movie called “Thrive: What on earth will it take?”.  This movie focuses on advancements in science and features the work many people who have already developed free energy technology and the issues we face with regard to the suppression of this information.  Their website hosts an online community and information hub with many resources for taking action.

In the end, I believe each of these programs and communities serve to fulfill one or more of the energetic “chakra” requirements for a healthy global community.  I believe that by observing and implementing some of the things we see in nature like the interdependence of systems and the fractal nature of communities and relationships we can really help maximize that ripple of empowerment and global awakening.  We can start by using the resources these communities provide to empower ourselves, and we can also share our stories to empower each other.  If you have thoughts to add to this post or if you have a movement or community you would like to share, write me a comment.  I’d love to hear your ideas.  🙂

The problem is the solution, and regenerative design.

There’s this concept in permaculture that the problem is the solution.  There are a lot of problems now days, but it’s ok, because this means there are also a lot of solutions!  😀  Part of what inspired me to write this post today was watching a video on Monsanto last night.   Monsanto is a company that many people are starting to ‘fondly’ refer to as MonSatan.  Watch the video for yourself to find out why.

I’m not interested in explaining why Monsanto and companies like it are bad, there’s a wealth of information to do it for me, like the video above.  I’m more interested in finding solutions to the problems created by these companies.  As I watched the video last night I was thinking about that.  How do we get ourselves out of this mess?

Since I’ve started studying permaculture, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about webs, connections and relationships.  I’ve been thinking about the positive and negative webs and relationships I’ve been seeing lately.  Let’s explore the relationship between the media, our educational system, agriculture, and big pharma(just to name a few), to identify what it is that unites all of these things.

Let’s take an average person, we’ll call him Bob.  Bob lives on a diet of processed food, he frequents fast food places, he eats and drinks a lot of processed food and beverages.   Bob spends his leisure time sitting at home watching TV shows, and the commercials that come along with them, this tends to enforce his poor eating habits, as he’s constantly bombarded with commercials that tell him to consume! Consume! Consume!

Bob starts to get physically and mentally sick, so he goes to the doctor.  The doctor, having been educated in a system that is controlled by big pharma prescribes (sells) bob some medication to make him all better.   The medication causes more problems, that require more pills to fix the side effects.  Bob gets sicker and sicker, to the point where he can no longer work, or afford to pay his premiums.  Bob goes bankrupt, while the industries that effected him profit from his illness.   Profit and money is what unites these industries.   Profit and money is the problem.   It can be the solution too.

I think one thing that stands out to me is that while these corrupt companies and politicians have been busy forming business relationships that are beneficial to them, connections and webs that help them increase and share profits; the rest of us have been isolating ourselves, and ignoring the world with the media they feed us.

I think once we start to re-create our webs and communities, we’ll also increase our strength, there’s strength in community.  The thing is, there are WAY more of us, and if we form our own webs and communities and such, we can really take our power back.  We can share the information that’s out there, not just the negatives but more importantly the positives, the solutions.

Take money for example.  Sure they might have a ton of it, but they are so controlled by their lust for it that it rules them, totally and completely.  They might not listen to our voices but you can be damn well sure they’re going to be paying attention to their profits.  Hit them where it hurts, their bank accounts.  There’s an easy way to do that, we opt out of this system they have created, and we start to create our own webs and communities.

We don’t have to isolate ourselves and  tune into the TV and let ourselves be brainwashed by advertising and propaganda.  We don’t have to buy and eat the processed pseudo-food that makes us ill.  We can choose to grow our own organic food, and prepare our own meals.  In doing this we empower ourselves and we improve our health, we also build communities and relationships.  We share what we are doing with other people so they can see it’s really pretty easy and it feels amazing.  We also support the people and companies who are working to do good things for the world.

At that point there is no longer a need for prescription drugs and medications, people will heal themselves through eating real food, having real relationships with people instead of fictional characters on TV.   We starve out the industries and companies who are destroying us and the planet, and more importantly in doing these things we empower ourselves. .  

Empower a person and that person can start to look at the world from a regenerative point of view.  We can start looking at other problems, and see the solutions that exist within them.  Regenerative design does just that, I’m super excited about it.  With regenerative design, you can look at all manner of problems, and turn them into solutions!

For instance, instead of designing cars with low to no carbon emissions, why not design cars that filter the air as you drive them?   Or, why not design buildings that not only use water and plumbing, but also clean our water?  Why not set all homes up to not only harvest renewable energy, but store it.  Another one is why not adapt agricultural practices that not only increase yields, but also repair the earth in the process, instead of polluting it?  These are just a few examples, there are many more out there, and many more that haven’t been thought of yet.  Empower people and they can tap into their creativity and do a whole world of good.

I know I tend to go on and on about permaculture ideas, but the reason why is because I find it so damn empowering!   It lets me see solutions to things I thought were to big for me to do anything about, it also makes me realize that I’m a part of the solution.  That’s why I dig it. 😉