Wonderfully Whimsical “Krafts By Kalena”

My good friend Kalena makes some incredibly cool stuff.

Just recently she shared a picture of one of her creations on facebook and I HAD to have one for two reasons.  It looked bad-ass, and for the nostalgic vibes it summoned.  The picture was of  a dicebag with “Bag of Holding” embroidered on the front, and sweet prismatic shiny cool-as-f***-fabric on the inside.  For those of you who don’t know, a bag of holding is an item from a popular RPG game.  If you know what game I’m talking about let your nerd flag fly with me. 😉

The B.O.H.  contains an extradimentional space, allowing you to carry an unlimited number of items.  That’s super handy when you’re questing and busy killing dragons and shit because you can carry a ton of loot.  Boom.

I used to always joke about how I would love to have a B.O.H. for real and Kalena made it happen.   When my bag came in the mail, it was so awesome that my husband immediately stole it from me.  I was nice and I let him keep it and ordered another custom bag from Kalena to use as a purse.  This one is bigger and comes with shoulder strap-draw strings.


We’re still figuring out the extra-dimentional storage part… I’m hoping some day soon, some pioneering soul will forge past the boundaries of what we deem possible and we’ll finally be able to achieve the ultimate in storage solutions.  :P)

Kalena will do custom orders and she makes lots of other stuff too, she’s a ninja with a sewing machine.  I should also mention that she ships SUPER fast, and charges fair prices for her creations AND her bags also come with a special surprise!    Check out her Etsy Page Krafts By Kalena here. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/kraftsbykalena)



Fabulous Furniture, Decor and More.

My friend Sara is an incredibly talented individual; creative and artistic, she’s been an inspiration to me over the 20 years I’ve known her.   (Holy cow, I can’t even believe it’s been 20 years!)

Sara’s creations frequently grace the presence of my facebook feed and I’d like to share them with you here, because they are pretty darn amazing!

Here are a few of Sara’s Creations:

I love what she does with furniture.

sara1 sara2

Sara’s paintings are awesome!

She wonderfully captures life with her photography.

Sara also does some really cool wood burning projects:


I should also add that her partner makes some pretty cool stuff, like this gardening bench.  (I’m having a couple made for my greenhouse right now, how exciting!

If you like what you see and are interested in getting your own custom-made furniture or art, contact Sara via Facebook.