Tattoo Giveaway!!!!

TATTOO GIVEAWAY. Hawaii residents only. 1st Place: 20 hours of tattoo time.
2nd Place:10 hours of tattoo time. 3rd Place: 6 hours of tattoo time. Runner up wins a $100 gift certificate.
1)Book an appointment with me (counts as 5 entries) Excludes touch ups. (You must make the appointment day or reschedule (not cancel) within 1 week of the tattoo. Only one reschedule is allowed or you forfeit your entry) (a deposit must be paid to book any appointments)
2)Purchase a gift certificate! (Counts for 3 entries)
(100 minimum)
3)Give Back! Show you donated to a charitable cause or volunteered your time in 2020 and I will also qualify that as an entry.

entries ($100 minimum.)
4) I would like to give back to my clients who were so patient and amazing during lockdown and so I’m entering everyone who had to reschedule into the contest automatically 😁. Enter between now and November 30th, winners will be announced New Year’s Eve, 2020.
Finally, I’m going to donate 5% of every tattoo to local charities from now until December 31st, 2020.
I am beyond blessed and grateful to have such a fun rewarding job, Thank you to the clients and friends I’ve made, it’s an honor to tattoo you guys, I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!!! Aloha!

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This is my webpage. (Obviously)

I’m an artist, I’d hate to disappoint people by pretending to be normal. (What is that even?)

Truly, I prefer to be my strange self and love what that means; it means I’m an artist and art is the freedom to express spirit spirit fully in the moment…

All while paying respect to the fact that nobody really gives a shit. 🤪💩. It’s liberating not to take things too seriously.


While I enjoy humor I do give a shit about some things and it’s reflected in what I share. I am fascinated by nature and the mystery of life. It is beautiful and while it can be terrifying my experience has shown me an underlying grace that weaves through all things.

I have decided trying to explain the mystery coherently would be like trying to drink the ocean in one gulp. Instead, I do my best to distill my perspectives and experiences into small drops through creative processes. I work with many mediums to be a medium, visual art, tattoos, music, poetry, stories are just a few of them.

Do you like my shit? 🤪 I have prints and items for sale here and I am available for art commissions and tattoo bookings, contact me here.





My Story, that journey.

I was reading over some old blog posts…it’s crazy how things change over time….

Crazy how we change and grow and shed our skin when it no longer fits us and becomes too painful to wear those old identities or illusions.

It’s crazy how we can dilute and delude ourselves and convince ourselves everything is ok and we’re dying inside while at the same time seeing how perfect everything really is in the larger picture, detours and missed turns on the journey lead to new experiences and wisdom and growth.

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I wrote the music for this in garage band and put it to pictures of my art. Starts out pretty creepy and dark and lightens up at the end. I’ve just recently started exploring this artistic outlet, I love it, and I find myself getting slightly obsessed. I have a handful of other stuff I’ve written, I’ll share it when I figure out some video to go along with it all.

The vent

Woke up to a strange dream. Details are getting fuzzy but I remember meeting an asian woman who had just woken up out of stasis, she said every few years she had to wake up for a bit, then she goes back into hibernation. She put herself into stasis to wait for the new world after 2012. I don’t remember her name. In my dream it was close to 2012, she had been in stasis or about 5 years. There was some kind of vent which had something to do with the end of the world, the ground around it was getting hot.

DRAGON DREAM And hawk medicine.

This dream took place in the winter of 2007-2008, Shortly after I started tattooing and got attuned for Reiki.  Something I remember during this time was that we were getting pretty crazy flooding and the temperatures were abnormally hot that spring.  I remember seeing clouds shaped perfectly like oriental dragons in the sky and just this weird energy.

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Electric blue (dream journal)

I had this dream in the winter of 2007-2008

The dream started off in Reeseville, Wi, the town I grew up in.

There was a big silver townhouse across the street kitty corner to the gas station.  I remember being kinda fascinated by the building when I was a kid.

In the dream, this big silver house was being built,  I was a part of the construction crew and I was doing some kind of surveying work.  It was a sunny afternoon and got a call from my cousin Charlie who told me to go out on the balcony and look up at the sky ASAP. Continue reading

Those voices….

It’s about to get real…gonna share how I feel.  This is hard to talk about but, I’ve gotta let it out.

Maybe you’ve been a witness to my mental illness.  For a long time I’ve been dealing with this….

This anxiety that often gets the best of me.

It manifests as schitzophrenic tendencies.  Voices plaguing me, making audible all my insecurities.

I’m trying to be present with you,  but these voices are distracting, commentating on everything I do.

Sometimes they’re so loud it hurts… Sometimes its subtle whispers at the back of my mind.  They’re rarely kind…

They’re tricky these demons when they take on the voices of my family and friends;  leave me wondering if there’s some truth to the things they say.  If people really feel that way.

Im kind of superstitious…

Sometimes people think I’m conceited or arrogant because, being socially free and open doesn’t come easy to me.

I put up these walls,  built from insecurities,  afraid to say the wrong thing, or act the wrong way.   I get all choked up inside,  my mind goes blank.  So I fumble out a mumble or say nothing or the wrong thing.

The lonely cycle continues and the voices get louder and things get harder.

I won’t give up,  I won’t give in to the din.

Im learning myself and my cycles when its better when its worse.  I’m learning some discernment,  figure out that he or she really meant.

Make the most of this and use these voices to my advantage instead of letting them push me into a self-destructive, depressive cage.

Learning to be objective and analyze what’s real and what’s lies.

Quiet the mind and find the soft voice of my soul.  Be my own hero.  No one will save me, no one can free me, not when I hold the key.

Masks and intentions

You only see what’s on the surface…you don’t know what’s underneath this.
She’s wearing makeup today? Who’s she tying to impress?

Maybe I want to look my best coz I’m depressed.  Maybe my headspace is a mess and Why she wearing that dress?

Maybe I’m feeling run down and old and I’m doing damage control while my mortality takes hold.

Coz I have no time for myself and all my clean clothes are off the shelf,
Maybe I’m tired.

Maybe I’m tired of the torrent of judgement we face with every little thing we do.

I wanna be like you cuz is what you tell me to…

Buy this, buy that you’re too skinny you’re too fat.  No, that ones wrong shoulda done the first one all along.  Wait theres a new trend…and this selfie wont send.



You can’t win for loosing.

Try and fake it till you make it tell the snakes to eat shit.

Wear that dress for the fun of it,

Be artistic… not fatalistic.

Love yourself whatever that means for you.

Be otherworldly and dye your hair blue if you want to.   Or go all natural and let your leg hair grow.

Fuck what people think, most opinions stink.

Let them talk shit if they wanna reek of it.

Just do you and filter out who’s who…

Love yourself, whatever that means for you.