Tattoo Giveaway!!!!

TATTOO GIVEAWAY. Hawaii residents only. 1st Place: 20 hours of tattoo time.
2nd Place:10 hours of tattoo time. 3rd Place: 6 hours of tattoo time. Runner up wins a $100 gift certificate.
1)Book an appointment with me (counts as 5 entries) Excludes touch ups. (You must make the appointment day or reschedule (not cancel) within 1 week of the tattoo. Only one reschedule is allowed or you forfeit your entry) (a deposit must be paid to book any appointments)
2)Purchase a gift certificate! (Counts for 3 entries)
(100 minimum)
3)Give Back! Show you donated to a charitable cause or volunteered your time in 2020 and I will also qualify that as an entry.

entries ($100 minimum.)
4) I would like to give back to my clients who were so patient and amazing during lockdown and so I’m entering everyone who had to reschedule into the contest automatically 😁. Enter between now and November 30th, winners will be announced New Year’s Eve, 2020.
Finally, I’m going to donate 5% of every tattoo to local charities from now until December 31st, 2020.
I am beyond blessed and grateful to have such a fun rewarding job, Thank you to the clients and friends I’ve made, it’s an honor to tattoo you guys, I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!!! Aloha!

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