This is my webpage. (Obviously)

I’m an artist, I’d hate to disappoint people by pretending to be normal. (What is that even?)

Truly, I prefer to be my strange self and love what that means; it means I’m an artist and art is the freedom to express spirit spirit fully in the moment…

All while paying respect to the fact that nobody really gives a shit. 🤪💩. It’s liberating not to take things too seriously.


While I enjoy humor I do give a shit about some things and it’s reflected in what I share. I am fascinated by nature and the mystery of life. It is beautiful and while it can be terrifying my experience has shown me an underlying grace that weaves through all things.

I have decided trying to explain the mystery coherently would be like trying to drink the ocean in one gulp. Instead, I do my best to distill my perspectives and experiences into small drops through creative processes. I work with many mediums to be a medium, visual art, tattoos, music, poetry, stories are just a few of them.

Do you like my shit? 🤪 I have prints and items for sale here and I am available for art commissions and tattoo bookings, contact me here.





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