Him (dream journal)

This dream took place late summer early fall of 2008.  I was walking through this beautiful forest, light scintillating through the trees creating prisms all around me chirping birds,  buzzing bees, then I see this being.  What was it I was seeing?  

He was half man half stag,   Antlers on his head walking leisurely appeared to be enjoying nature’s beauty.  

Something overcame me and quite suddenly I found myself jumping high into the air without a care.  Landed softly on his back, he turned to face me startled, but amused.  “How did you do that?’ He asked quizzically.   I responded with something like, “I don’t know, I just did.”

As he held my gaze I realized, I felt something…. 

He had the most beautiful face that still haunts me to this day, that image in my head will never go away.  This sincerity that spoke through eyes so blue and a soft and loving and ancient temperance.  There was an ethereal golden quality to him.  And a sort of sadness that left me breathless.

He and I became close friends, words spoken…what were they again?

He lead me to a clearing in the trees…there in the middle of the forest was this chain link fence, tall and high he asked me if I could jump over this wall.

He didn’t say why, I didn’t even try.

I saw a hole in the bottom and said I’d go under it instead, less work was the thought in my head.  Perhaps that was foolish. 

As I made it to the other side I saw around me a grayness instead of trees and more of these deer like beings.  There was an older faun with a dark beard and a sort of stern countenance.  

“You should have jumped over the fence.” 

That’s when my eyes flew open.  That startling loving face lingering, I was left pondering questioning wondering what I’d just seen.  

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