DRAGON DREAM And hawk medicine.

This dream took place in the winter of 2007-2008, Shortly after I started tattooing and got attuned for Reiki.  Something I remember during this time was that we were getting pretty crazy flooding and the temperatures were abnormally hot that spring.  I remember seeing clouds shaped perfectly like oriental dragons in the sky and just this weird energy.

In the dream:

I was in this loft kind of house that sat on the top of a big hill, it was night time in the winter and I was gathered there in this house with a bunch of my old friends.   The TV was on and suddenly the news came on and the anchor announced that the world was ending and the temperature would be dropping to -160 degrees fairenheight overnight.  As we received this news the general consensus was, “We’re fucked, lets get wasted.”

That’s when it occurred to us that we didn’t have anything to drink!  So we decided that we would venture into town to go get some booze regardless of the danger, what did it matter?

In order to get to town we would need to take a boat on the river at the base of the hill where the house was, as we went outside and made our way down to the boathouse at the base of the hill we all heard this gargantuan noise that seemed to come from everywhere and shook the core of our bones,  we stood there looking around and couldn’t see the source of the noise until I looked up in the sky and there I could see this GIGANTIC TRANSPARENT DRAGON, SO VAST IT’S LEG ALONE TOOK UP THE WHOLE OF THE SKY ABOVE US.

I love dragons but this scared the shit out of me, I stood there frozen with fear as I watched this gigantic creature in the sky above us.  I got the sense that I was the only person who could see it, though the others could hear and sense it.  As I stood frozen I my terror I was jolted out of my parilysis by a woman I hadn’t seen before calling my name.  She was thin with long dark hair swirling around her waist.  She had bear claw marks on her left forearm, the was a sense of urgency in her voice.

I snapped out of it and ran to the boathouse standing under the awning catching my breath,  I woke up.


Not long after I had this dream a Cherokee woman came into the shop where I worked,  her name was Julie One Bear, she would get small tattoos and tip me with hawk medicine, she gave me a hawk feather, a hawk talon necklace and a medicine bag.   I’ve always had an affinity for hawk.

What’s eerie is that she had bear claws tattooed on her arm in the same spot the woman from my dream had the bear claw marks.  I also came to find out that she shared a connection with another friend of mine, years after I first met her.

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