Pill poppin’

Name dropping

Do another line fool

If it will convince you that you’re cool.
Never was my thing,

I’ve felt the sting,

Of the ripples


From zombies sedated,

Or the fast movers,

Jacked up on the latest fad,

Keep telling yourself you’re rad.
Sooooo sick and tired of people mirroring their bullshit onto me.

Never touched a needle

Unless it was for ink.

Never sold myself,

Unless it was the body of my work.

My art and soul

If I’m a whore than what are you?
And what’s up with you thinking you have the right to pick and choose

Who gets to win and loose

Who gets joy

Who suffers abuse
I’m fed up with the hypocrisy

And fakery.

Two faced

Misplaced sense of honor.

I wonder if you believe the lies you tell yourself.

Love and light,

Yeah right,

All you do is call names and pick fights.
Sorry if my words sting

But the truth fucking hurts.

And you’re in a blizzard wearing shorts.

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