I could spend hours listing every little detail about our failed relationship, why it was a sinking ship.
I’ve done it before,  funny thing is I usually get about half way through that door shaking with anger,  feeling stupid for staying as long as I did.
You know the story about how you can put a frog in water and it will stay as the temperature slowly climbs and the frog doesn’t realizs the danger until it’s outta time?
I feel like that was a good analogy for you and me.

Except for one thing,

I could feel the heat,

Of your deceit,

And still I’d cling

To the illusion and confusion

call it intuition and I ignored it.

Even though what you were doing,

I abhorred it.
I feel I owe us both an apology.  The warning signs were there from the beginning and I lacked the self confidence to assert my boundaries
I allowed the cycle to continue.   Before we got married,  when you cheated,  there were obviously warning signs that went unheeded.
I made the choice to believe your shaky narrative

And my ignore intuition in its mission.   callously disregarding the message that you had no respect for me.
And when I started to listen to the whispers of my soul,  that place that can reach where lies won’t go,  when I started to synch up with me and get in touch with my divinity…when I allowed myself to see,  to feel,  to understand that my passion and pain was real.   I started to heal. I began to let go, and trust my soul.

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