Accident Prone

I’m feeling kinda down today

I have many friends and family

But at this moment I feel alone

I know I’m prone to this

Feeling like something is amiss
I always seem to take a cynical perspective

Even when I know it’s inherently connective.

I’m tired,

Wonder if it’s worth it to keep trying

Don’t know who to talk to

Don’t wanna burden people with my petty problems
Don’t always know who’s genuine anymore

I wish I could trust

I am tired
I’m lonely

There’s nobody out there for me

Gotta find strength


I’m not falling into anymore relationship traps
I’m gonna keep my heart chained and under wraps.
But holy crap.

Seems like a quick way to get hurt
I could never separate physicality

And intimacy.
Better to be alone.

I’m kind of accident prone

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