Anywhere you want to be.

What’s home to you?  Is it a feeling of safety?  A place to lay your head, something as simple as a cot or a bed?

I have been pondering that question for a while now as I’ve lived a fairly nomadic life over the last few years.   Chasing my dreams and fighting my fears.

My home is now in Hawaii, I made the move recently.   I let go of a lot of things I realized were not necessities.  My whole life fits into a couple suitcases and a backpack.  To be honest, I still feel like I have too much stuff.

I’m here now living simply and moment to moment trying to get my feet under me.  My home is a quaint little cabin in the woods.  I have access to the basic necessities, plumbing and electricity, fresh food is in abundance here.   The market is ripe with local love.

I’m learning to live with less and I find it’s the best way to reduce stress.  When your water is catchment and you have to watch every cent,  you become more mindful of energy spent.  That said there’s still a lot to learn as I navigate these twists and turns.

Lucky for me Hawaii life moves at a slower pace and I’ve given up on the rat race.  I’m only in competition with myself, to be a better person than I was yesterday, live life in a more mindful way, checking in with my soul, correcting my course before I go to far astray.  Loving the land Malama ‘Aina, lending a hand.

I know Life is what you make of it.  I Will make the most of it.  Gratitude for every moment.  Own it.  Grow in grace at my own pace.

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