Standing Rock

​I recently returned from Standing rock where my friend Brandon and I joined thousands of water protectors gathered on the North Dakota plains..

People from all over the world standing up and speaking out against the atrocities committed by our  society,  these corrupt corporations and governments unrelenting and unrepentant in their pursuit of power at the expense of this planet and everything on and in it.

With every day came shouts of “Mni wiconi” or”Water is life”  sacred words that represent a cause as vital to all us as the blood in our veins.

What did standing rock teach me?

The awesome power of prayer and community, that our battles are won when we look for mutual harmony and see each other’s divinity,  sovereignty for humanity; every moment is a prayer that gets you from here to there.

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same,  so many things about this experience as a whole have changed my perceptions and assumptions about the world and have forced me to look at my life realistically, hypothetically, moment to moment…

So many things that used to mean so much to me,

Now seem trite and petty,

Something catalyzed and magnified a growing restlessness inside that refuses to hide.

Somethings gotta give,

It’s imperative that we change our narrative,

How do we choose to live,

What have we got to give?

All or nothing,

A little bit of something

Is everything

If it’s the right thing.

Love is the offering…

The song we sing,

Love is the offering.

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