The Path of the Fool

In the tarot, the fool is portrayed as a young man, nonchalantly walking off the edge of a cliff.  He’s stepping off blissfully ignorant of the horrible peril that awaits him. To most people this image would indeed seem foolish and full of folly, the fool would at best serve as an example of what not to do!

But what if there was something more behind the smile on the fools seemingly ignorant face, what if the fool actually holds sacred knowledge and wisdom?  In my opinion, that smile is both joyful and knowing.

We can keep this archetype in mind when we think of the many worlds theory in quantum mechanics, where all the different possibilities are sort of stacked upon each other, happening simultaneously, it reverses the severity of the impact of knowing that endless possibilities exist at the bottom of the cliff.

In this great video below we can see the many worlds theory demonstrated with Mario world.  The player edited hundreds of attempts together to form a long continuous stream of play and we can see all the different possibilities that spin off as Mario makes his way through the game.

In some of those realities, we might  Mario jump spin off a cliff and from the perspective of the character it’s over. Boom,

Boom, splat and  Yoshi is looking at mario like he’s an idiot.  What a fool!   Sometimes Yoshi will even run away and ironically end up running off a cliff himself.   Makes you wonder about the subtle differences between running and jumping but that’s another article!

So from the perspective of that particular “character in time”, the game is over.  However, from the perspective of the player we just continue from where we left off on the map or we respawn at our last save point and it’s no big deal, just a fun way to pass the time and we still get experience.

If we’re looking at this journey from another “angel” 😉  we can use sacred geometry to describe the movements and motivation of the fool and the structure of the game itself.   The fool knows something we don’t.  While most of us are wrapped up in duality and fighting the bad and grasping for the good, I think the fool is looking at something else entirely.  He’s looking at the movement between these two opposing forces.

Flower-of-Life-61circlesThis is the flower of life, this geometry is said to illustrate the basic structure of reality and it contains within it’s structure infinite amounts of information.

It is an incredibly interesting pattern, containing the five plutonic solids, it is a fractal, each six-pointed star in the pattern can be replicated to infinity in both directions.   It is also represented as a hologram when you change one iteration the whole will reflect that change.

Each star or iteration in the fractal can be seen as a finite boundary that contains infinite information (possibilities).  How that information moves through the fractal determines the experience.  The shape itself is polarized reflecting both contraction and expansion.

While our direct physical experience or perspective is limited to a single point in this infinite structure, we do have the ability to experience infinity with the structure itself (ourselves).

While we can’t experience it in a logical way, we have the knowledge that this pattern can exist past our own individual boundaries.   Duality is just a dance between expansion and contraction, and we can experience infinity by going inward.  This is a blessing when we are facing hard times and having difficulty seeing what direction we need to take or if we are trying to find comfort.

Our connection to source, god, spirit, infinity whatever you want to call it  is found in that infinity, modern science is closer to explaining what the ancients always knew, the fundamental structure of reality is dependent upon the void.

The Yin Yang, beginning and the end, dark and light, all contrast rolled into one space.   It the place that exists past time where the laws of physics break down and everything is possible.  It is the place of love.

Only our science now calls it the quantum vacuum.  In Eastern mysticism, the void is everything and nothing all at once, showing us that the dualistic reality we experience is relative in nature.

Take away one piece and the whole thing changes.  Modern science shows us the truth in this philosophy when we observe particles springing into and out of existence in a vacuum and when we measure the energy potential of the vacuum to discover that it is infinite!   How can something that is a vacuum have infinite energy…unless the vacuum is created by the lack of contrast and duality.

Read the book The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra for a very well presented argument on how modern science and eastern mysticism mirror each other in a profound and eerie way.  For more information on sacred geometry and the structure of the vacuum check out Nassim Haramein’s brilliant documentary “Black Whole

The fools ignorant/knowing smile might be inspired by the knowledge that all his options are happening all at once, all he has to do is resonate with the right one.

The fool is ultimately an archetype of faith and gratitude,  honoring the bigger picture and making us question our perspective,  assumptions and judgements.

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