Cool Creations from Feather Chakra Crafts.

If you’re looking for some unique gear to wear this summer,  along with awesome natural and organic products, look no further!  I’m pleased to share the works of my friend Shana and her business Feather Chakra Crafts.

Summer’s almost here, are you planning a trip to the beach? Rock these Telluric Threads while you’re having some fun in the sun.

















When summer comes to a close Feather will have you covered with some great accessories like knitted hats and scarves.

feather1 feather2















If you have an idea for something custom you would like her to make, no problem!   Shana happily accepts custom orders.

Feather Chakra also creates some great natural products like this detox deodorant.  She’s working on a whole line of great natural and organic products I can’t wait to try them all!









Feather Chakra crafts are made with skill and love.  Check out her Etsy store here:


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