Own The Moment


For something we consider small and fleeting, the moment is incredibly vital and important; it is in the moment that all things are dreamed and done.  It is in the moment that we find solace and comfort.  The moment holds inside of it great power and potential and when utilized, it can change your life.

Do you have a goal?  The moment can help you realize it.  Are you fighting an addiction?  Understanding the moment will help you overcome it.

Every destination requires steps toward getting there, moments hold the opportunities for us to take those steps and when utilized they help us in bridging the gap from where we are to where we want to be.

Finding our power is as simple as recognizing that every moment has value.  Do you have a thought about something you would like to do?  Don’t just think about it, own the moment and take action.  Alternatively, if we’re talking about overcoming a bad habit or addiction owning the moment will be of great assistance.  Change your focus in that moment to something else.   All of those focused moments add up and what seemed like an impossible task will soon be more attainable and realistic if you stick with it.

The key to owning the moment is action.  Action brings the possibilities out from the ethers and into reality, best not to kill time when it is our most valuable resource.

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