Mini-Aquaponics Kitchen Garden Video

Alrighty!   Here is the video of my mini-aquaponics kitchen garden (below).  This post is a follow up of an earlier article, where I introduced the kitchen garden project I’ve been working on.  I ended up making more adjustments to the project and re-recording a few times before I was satisfied enough to put it online.  I’m including an updated diagram to give you a clear picture of how the tubing and joints and everything work together.

fishtankI’d say it’s coming along pretty well, the plants are growing more and more each day (provided the cats don’t get them) and the fish appear to be doing fine.

I’m learning a ton of interesting things through the process, to be honest I’ve never done anything quite like this before; so, it’s kind of an exciting adventure for me.

I wouldn’t say I’m done by any stretch, I’ll probably be making more additions and adjustments as time goes by, it’s a work in progress. 😛

Some of the adjustments I’ve made so far include adding a funnel to inside of the bottom planter and adding another t-joint to split the airflow; that way I can use my air-stone on the same pump.

I have also included a valve to balance the air pressure so I could get a consistent flow to both tubes connecting to the t-joint.  When I first installed the extra stuff my air pressure was lacking badly, you might have to mess around with it to get a decent flow going.

I’ll add more updates as the system matures and progresses.  I can use the video and blogging to keep track of this little experiment. 🙂  I would like to apologize for the poor video quality, I took this video on my phone and it’s been through the ringer… O.o  Ha!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  😛

2 thoughts on “Mini-Aquaponics Kitchen Garden Video

    1. Thanks! I started the project with just the hanging planters in the middle of February, at the beginning of this month I added the fish-tank to the system so, about a month and a half.

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