Hugelkulture is a form of gardening that utilizes raised beds which grow on top of buried logs, sticks and other organic matter.   The great thing about hugel beds is how they provide your with garden a nearly constant supply of nutrients and water.  This form of gardening is also beneficial for people who might be restricted in their movement, it doesn’t require as much stooping and bending.

Now that it’s warming up outside, I intend to make my own hugel garden. (I’ll document my adventures in this blog of course).   I can’t wait to get outside and start transforming the yard into a garden paradise of awesomeness.

(As much as the landlord will allow me to lol.  I’m improving his soil sooo…)

I could even combine this design with the herb spiral I mentioned here and make a hugel-spiral!  😀

Not only would it look cool, (spirals are cool) by adding the circular shape, my garden will have an added benefit of versatility; allowing me to create micro-climates and incorporate a wider variety of plants.

I learned about this awesome form of gardening by following a link from the Regenerative Leadership Institute’s facebook page.   I’m currently enrolled in their permaculture certificate course and I’m learning a ton of really GREAT stuff!   There is a ridiculous amount of free material on their website as well as their facebook page.  Check it out. 🙂

A couple Hugelkulture links for your enjoyment:



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