We’re not doomed. :)

I was talking with someone recently and it really struck me how vast the problems of the world can seem.  In many ways, it can feel like our doom is unavoidable and would take a miracle to stop this destruction.  It should come as no surprise that people feel apathetic…

I used to feel apathetic too.  Apathy is dangerous because it’s essentially giving up hope.  It’s a hard grey existence.  I have strong suspicions that this sense of apathy is nurtured by big business and industry.  Sick and unhappy people make good consumers.

I think a healthy sense of indignation and paranoia isn’t a bad thing to have in this world we’re living in.  Especially when it comes to ads!

We live in an environment where there are suggestions constantly tugging at our awareness.  It’s pretty much unavoidable.  You can maybe close your eyes and go “La la la la laaaaaaa”, but that isn’t going to help you when you’re driving and that billboard suddenly pops into view.  It’s good to be mindful of this stuff and take inventory of what is renting space in your head.

What are you filling your mind, body and soul with?

I make it a point to keep positive things in my awareness.  Little bits of light that keep me from loosing faith in humanity and feed my sense of inspiration and wonder.  Those bits add up and before you know it you’re looking at the world in a whole new light where nothing seems impossible.

God I love the internet, it’s great for that!

Please keep in mind, I’m not trying to preach that new age “ignore everything bad” philosophy, I think that’s pointless!  Awareness is important, we need to be aware of our problems.   More importantly, we need to be aware of our problems, and focused on the solutions within them.

I think one thing the mainstream media excels at,  is keeping people in the dark, especially when it comes to inspiring news stories and scientific breakthroughs.  Part of what inspired this post was the massive amount of articles that come through my Facebook feed which tell a much different story.

I thought it would be cool to put them all together here so you can see some of this stuff all at once.

Why not bombard yourself with positive inspiring news for a change?

Let some real life Star Trek into your awareness!  😛

These articles and others tell me that we’re not doomed, we can change things.

We can take the reins on our lives and our futures and we’re fundamentally a part of something so much greater than this little gray illusion they’ve been trying to sell us.

See for yourself. 🙂


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