Little steps toward the “Big Picture”

We all have goals, some of them are small, personal goals like, “I want to lose that last ten lbs!”  Other’s are huge goals like,”By God! I’m going to save the world!”  Whatever goal or dream it is you have, don’t give up!  Even if it’s something that seems over-the-top and impossible remember, we do many things every day that we once considered impossible and now we don’t even give them a second thought.

The trick is to be consistent, even if you do something that seems ridiculously small, keep doing it; over and over again.  Keep doing the things that make you feel better, the things that make the world better.  Eventually those things will become habits, a part of your routine that feels like second nature.  Eventually you will identify with it and become it.

Just be consistent with whatever it is you’re doing, don’t let apathy or depression suck you back into that blue funk of doom.  When you’re feeling down, unmotivated, tired or shitty, just remember how much better you feel after you have achieved something that betters your life, or does something good for the planet or somebody on it.  I can tell you from personal experience, it helps.  I didn’t always feel that way.

Consistency is a word that, to be honest, used to make me cringe over the years.  I would hear the word and think to myself, “What?  Consistency?  How tedious and boring!”   What a bleak future I would associate with consistency, doing the same thing every day, schedules and no room for adventure or freedom, yuck…   Now days, my view has changed considerably.

I’ve noticed I’m coming to find more peace in consistency, I’m learning to understand it better, to see it for the helpful tool that it really is. When it came to changing things about my life, I never really allowed myself to consider the idea that it might take some time, that I needed to take baby steps, that I might fall, and I just need to pick myself back up.  Or to put it another way, I had this confused notion in my head that consistency had to also be perfection at all times.  While that’s a noble goal, it isn’t always realistic.

In my mind if I failed once, it was all over and I should probably just give up and go jump off a bridge or something.  The amount of self loathing I would feel if I didn’t get something perfect was debilitating.  My biggest problem was that I wouldn’t even give myself a chance to be consistent.

I’ve come to realize that attitude is self-defeating, unrealistic and doesn’t really give you room to grow.  If you want to change yourself or the world, start out with small things that are easy to do consistently.  Don’t beat yourself up that you haven’t fixed all the worlds problems yet, or become a millionaire or lost 300 lbs or whatever it is that has got you hating yourself at the moment.

You might not get there immediately, and you might take a few tumbles on the way but eventually you’ll find you not only reached your destination, you passed it and are conquering even greater challenges and adventures.

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