The Future Is Happening.

Today we’re going to go on an impromptu little stream of consciousness style blogging journey because that’s fun sometimes.  🙂       This is a continuation of my post on looking at the bright side.  I wasn’t going to publish this today, I changed my mind after seeing an inspiring post on Facebook from an awesome lady named Kirsten: 

Hello my friends,
Today is a great day for talking about Love, Compassion, and what we want to see in the world. What would it feel like to have today be the day that we begin loving everyone unconditionally? What if just with a few of us starting this wave it spread like wild fire and more people loved everyone unconditionally too?

Remember that today doesn’t have to be just about couples. It can be so much more than that.

I challenge you to project your divine heart chakra energy today and send love to everyone you see without judgement & I will do the same.

I love you guys, Thank you for being a part of the change!
You are the One,

Seeing that inspired me to finish this blog post.  Looking on the bright side is (for me) essentially recognizing and honoring that connection we share with all things.  What would the future look like if we all started to honor that connection?  What would it look like if we were finally able to move past our differences and into one-ness?  Let’s go on a journey and find out…

Alrighty!  Here we are at an unspecified point in the future!  How the world has changed!

Looking around me I see a lush green paradise, bursting with vitality and abundance.   I see people and they look happy, engaged with each other.  I see animals living alongside these people in peace and thriving.  The air smells fresh, invigorating, the crystalline rivers, lakes and oceans look clean and I can see an abundance of fish and other animals swimming in their waters.   Flying over the planet I see the deserts of my time have been replaced with green forest.  How did the world transform into this Eden I see before me?

It was discovered some time ago that, there exists a force, a conscious energy that permeates all things.  When this force was finally recognized and accepted, everything changed.  The change happened slowly at first, one person at a time, until a sort of critical mass was reached and the effect cascaded across the planet; evolving every aspect of our lives.

People started to look at the myriad of different religious, spiritual and philosophical teachings from a mature perspective of oneness.  Acknowledgement and celebration of our shared connection became the focus.  Religious teachings became enriching, instead of divisive.  We forgave ourselves and each other for all the trouble we had caused by chasing dogma and feeding egos and we decided to embrace a future that was all about connection and love.

This sense of wholeness and connection drifted into many areas of life, we started to see that wholeness reflected not only in our relationships to each other but also to the planet and all of the creatures and life it contains.  This change of understanding was reflected in the way we lived, worked, the way we communicated, and the goals we set for ourselves.   In tandem with the sweeping evolution of consciousness, we experienced an evolution in technology, medicine,  community, agriculture, industry and pretty much every other area of life.

When this transition into one-ness first started to happen in the 21st century, before the wide-spread global reforms changed the planet completely, people likened it to star trek.  The discovery of the field lead to massive breakthroughs in science.  These breakthroughs lead to the creation of many devices that mimicked technology found in the star trek series.  Some went so far as to say that star-trek and other sci-fi movies were predicting the future when they were first aired so many years ago.  Cellphones and tablets mimicked the communicator and the tricorder by allowing people to communicate instantly over vast distances and receive instant information on any subject.

Advances in quantum mechanics laid down the groundwork necessary to create other items featured on the show such as replicators, warp drives, holodecks and more.  These technologies essentially freed people and the earth from many of the problems that we faced so long ago. As wonderful as all these things were, the future had even more incredible things in store.

The harsh angular “modern” world of white walls and steel no longer held the same appeal for us.  Even our ideas of what technology should look like changed.  We realize now that the best place to turn for inspiration for what progress looks like is mother nature.  She’s been at it much longer than we have, we also realized the damage we had done previously and took measures to reverse it.

A massive undertaking was started to re-forest the earth, and the trees that were planted then have long since matured into vast and thriving, beautifully abundant forests and ecosystems.  Even places that were once barren desert and wasteland have been  transformed into lush green landscapes.   Our society started adopting the principles of permaculture into our practices, and it changed the way we approached many things, not just limited to farming.

Dull, lifeless rows of poisoned corn and other crops were replaced with beautiful forest farms and communities.  Agriculture morphed from large-scale, destructive commercial farming to globally spread forest gardens that grew a multitude of foods, medicines, and materials for all manner of things.  People began to work with mother nature, going with the flow and letting her do the heavy lifting and it worked far better for us.

What the Earth needed from us was simply love and respect, when we gave that to her, she gave us so much in return.  Once we were able let go of our arrogance and need for total control, nature rewarded us by providing abundance and beauty in all places.

Those forests all around the world have become the cities we live in now, people literally started thinking outside the box when it came to creating buildings, houses, and more.  Having developed as a society a deep appreciation for the natural beauty around us and recognizing the profound effect a natural environment has on our psyches, humans decided to take a different approach for creating structures and buildings; taking cues from nature for their inspiration, the box is a thing of the past.   Our concepts of what “progress” looked like changed drastically.

Healthcare is approached from a more holistic perspective now.  Technology has been blended with the wisdom of living a healthy lifestyle, preventive medicine is stressed. Mental health is approached from a spiritual perspective, we no longer hold prejudices against the things that make us human. Many of the issues people faced in the past simply don’t exist anymore because the society that created them has changed so drastically.   Advances in our understanding of resonance, cymatics, light and more have transformed the way we look at our bodies and how we approach medicine.

As science and spirituality were reconciled and technology grew more advanced, we started to evolve in tandem with it into something more comparable to a mystic elvish society.  Things which were reserved for the worlds of fantasy started to manifest themselves just by our sheer desire to see them.    At this point we had the ability to shape the world inside and around us with our thoughts alone. Collectively, if we wanted to, we could move oceans, moons, planets, even stars across space, time and dimensions.  

We realized it was all so simple and complex at the same time, just like learning to walk.  Our planet was a conscious sentient being, and we were its cells, a part of its spirit, and so was everything else.  We realized too that the world around ours, the solar system, the galaxy our solar system resided in, the universe which contained our galaxy, all of these were part of an even greater whole, an endlessly repeating fractal, what we have come to know as god.

We are no longer bound by time, space or dimension, we have reached ascension and with it we see the fractal continues onward expanding our understanding of reality, answers leading to further questions and opportunities for growth, we are now with all of our progress, even more profoundly inspired by the universe we’re a part of then we ever dreamed possible.  The world of the future is a world of magic, wonder and impossible beauty,  the future is happening right now. 🙂

Here are a few links which I hope inspire you as much as they have inspired me to the fact we’re living in the future right now and a-freaking-mazing things are happening!

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