Looking at the bright side of things.

All to often we focus on the problems, we look at the bad side, without giving any thought to the solutions, the good side of things…

Oh my gosh!

Just a second…we’re having a synchronistic moment as I type this!

I’m listening to Pandora radio and as soon as I finished that first sentence about looking at the bright side, a song by “Rebelution” called “Bright Side of Life” started playing.  Check out the lyrics here, they are really cool.   So that was just totally awesome!  😀  Alright, I’m all flustered now.

Synchronicity does that to me.  It’s one of those things that sometimes makes a grin appear on your face that you can’t wipe away.  😀

Where was I?

Looking at the bright side!  That’s basically what I want to do here.  There is a sort of duality to life, there’s the negative side, and the positive side.  The perception of good and bad are mostly constructs of our minds; what we like opposed to what we dislike.  You could compare looking on the bright side of things to traveling.

Imagine you are walking on a trail and you are heading north.  To your East is the sunrise, to your west is the sunset.

On your right side the path is illuminated; all of the secondary paths that branch out are easy to see.  On your left side, it is shadowy, shrouded in darkness and difficult to see all your options and where those paths might lead you.   The shadows overpower the paths you might take, it’s harder to find your way you often end up stuck in one place.

Looking at the bright side allows us a better perspective on where we want to go and what we’ll encounter along the way.  When we focus solely on our problems, we often can’t see the path that leads us around them.   When we’re zeroed in on our problems it’s like walking down a trail and getting smacked in the face with a branch and continuing to run into it because you aren’t aware that you can step around it.

The earth that the trail is on could be compared to the whole “issue”.  It’s neither bad or good on it’s own, we can go wherever we choose.  We can move around on the side that is illuminated and have an active choice in the direction we choose to take,  or fumble around in the darkness and shadows, the choice is up to us.

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