Be your own savior.

Most of us like the idea of superheroes and saviors, this idea that someone out there will come and deliver us from evil, saving us from the bad-guys and fixing everything all while wearing a snazzy outfit.  (Because only heroes can wear snazzy outfits apparently.  Pfft.)   Why can’t we be our own super heroes?  Why does it always have to fall on the shoulders of some fictional character or mythical messiah who may or may not show up to deliver us from evil.  You know what I think?  I think that’s a load of bull and I’m calling it out right now. 
We have the power, and with that comes a measure of responsibility and we need to accept it.  We have been lead to believe we are powerless for so long, that we are incapable of saving ourselves, that we can’t make a difference and I think that’s a giant bold faced lie.  I think its also a carefully crafted lie that has been meticulously planted into our subconscious for a very long time now; this idea that we must rely on an external source to save us.

This idea that we need a leader to guide us into a golden age robs us of our power.   Hell, make Jesus proud and take some responsibility, take back your power, realize that you can make a difference, and it will have a big impact no matter how small or trivial it might seem at first.

The point I’m trying to make here is that we can make a difference, but it’s not going to be the responsibility of one person to save us, it’s a responsibility that we all share.  It is within our power, and our power is greater than we realize, in fact,  it’s exponential when we get together.

However, it requires more than just sitting around thinking happy thoughts, it requires us to actually do something.  That change has to start on a personal level.  We blame society for all the problems in the world forgetting that we are society.  We blame corporations and politicians forgetting that we’re the ones who gave them power in the first place.

We blame our ignorance on faulty education systems and media propaganda forgetting that with the advent of the internet we have the power to educate and inform ourselves in a profoundly huge and positive way.  We blame everyone but ourselves for the state of the world and it’s time we accept responsibility and quit living this lie that we can’t make a difference and we need to be “saved”.

It’s time we also give up this idea that small = trivial.  A small change can lead to big results.  Look at something like recycling.  Recycling a single item might not seem like much on its own but it adds up over time, eventually you see huge results.  Now take that concept and multiply the people who have made that change and the results become even bigger.  The most important thing here is to take action.  Do something, anything, it will help!  Want some ideas?  Here are a few to get you started.

1)Educate yourself.  In this information age we no longer can fall back on ignorance as an excuse.  There’s a wealth of information out there on pretty much everything, it’s up to us to find it and use it.

2)Plant an organic or permaculture garden.  This will do numerous things.  It will heal the soil, it will provide you with food, it will provide others around you with inspiration, it will be an outlet for relaxation, it will improve your health, it will build communities, it will save you money and keep money out of the pockets of corporations that are poisoning this planet and it’s people.

3)Reduce the negative impact you have.  Research and learn about the common items and chemicals we use today which have decidedly ill effects on the health of ourselves and the planet.  Even our shampoo and conditioners are loaded with chemicals and additives that can make us sick and destroy ecosystems.  Switch to alternatives that won’t pollute the earth and give you cancer.

4)Replace the pseudo-food with real food.  Get cookin’  There’s a phrase I’ve seen floating around that says “If it has a commercial, it isn’t food”.  So many of the items in the grocery store are loaded with additives that can make you really, really sick over time.  Start replacing those items with real food, start cooking meals from scratch so you know what you are eating.  Did you know Mac n’ Cheese is banned in some countries?

5)Buy local, quit supporting Walmart and it’s ilk.  Support your local economy and organic farmers by buying their goods.  There’s an old saying, “Vote with your dollars.”  Let’s stop feeding the monsters eh?

6)Join communities (online and in person) and talk to people who are already doing these things, they can help you learn about what you can do, and they can help you get it done, as well as offer support when things feel difficult.

Speaking of communities, to those of you in the new age community, let’s all quit with the fluffiness and get real.  There are a lot of issues in the world and we can’t just wish them away by pretending they don’t exist.  While it’s true we don’t want to remain focused on the problem stuck in impotent rage over it, we need to acknowledge and understand the problem to find and understand the solution.

Let’s collectively pull our heads out of the sand and get to work on fixing this planet, it is within our power.  We can still do all the cool new age stuff, but we need to also take action and educate ourselves about the obstacles we face today, not just ignore them with the hopes that they will somehow magically go away.   What you resist persists, sure, but what you ignore grows more.

(Below are some links on permaculture.  IMO permaculture is one of the best systems for changing the world, it involves so many aspects of life it should be a way of life, check it out.  Permaculture is so awesome and inspiring and worth it when you start to learn about how it can change things.  Those of you in the spiritual community will see so many of the spiritual principles you hold dear applied in a real tangible way, I sure did! )

Also check out my links page, there are a ton of resources there, and I’m adding new ones on a continuous basis.


2 thoughts on “Be your own savior.

    1. Sweet. That just reminded me a little of the guy who dresses up as batman. I heard he visits sick kids too. Some of the videos were pretty awesome. I’ll check out the links you posted.

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