On the subject of freedom in work.

So, in follow up of this blog about the panic to freedom (PTF) community call yesterday, today I would like to focus more on the subject of the call itself.  I’d like to elaborate on some of the ideas presented and share my own thoughts here.  The topic of the call yesterday was freedom in work.

With regard to work, the question was posed, if you could do anything, what would you do?  Many of us idealists and new-agey folk say something like “I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!”

I’ll need a mask… and a cape, yes a fancy one.  Maybe some spandex, and a utility belt… and one of those grappling hook gun things definitely one of those… AND A BAT MOBILE!!!     o.O

Unfortunately, running around in a super hero outfit doesn’t get much done.  While the big “I want to save the world!” goals are noble, without something more substantial than spandex to support them, (action) they fall flat.  I was thinking about this, I too want to save the world, but how can I go about doing it, what action should I take to achieve that goal in the best way possible for me?

I think when considering action another important question to ask is, “What do I like to do?” This question was also raised in the call, and I think it deserves a little more attention.  It’s my opinion that the action you take will be more effective if it’s based on something you ultimately enjoy.

Another way to explain this, is that we’re always going to have bad days where we just don’t really feel like doing anything, there will always be aspects of whatever it is we’re doing that might not be so enjoyable.  However, if you enjoy the majority of your work, it’s more likely that you’ll stick with it when you encounter some part of the job you don’t care for as much.   I think stuff we like to do tends to fulfill certain needs we have.  Those needs can vary from person to person, they are as different as the people who have them.

To better illustrate what I’m talking about, I’ll use myself as an example.

In my case, I really like creating things, that can take many forms, art, writing, making stuff, and more, for me this is a definite “need” to create in some fashion.  If I’m not nurturing my creative side, I get really difficult to be around,  it’s true, ask my husband. 😛  I have to create, it’s just a part of my nature.

I also love learning things,  I’m an incredibly curious person.  I feel most fulfilled when I’m learning new things on a frequent basis, for me that’s a really important part of life.  I need to feel like I’m growing and not stagnating.

Along with creating, and learning, I also really love sharing the things I find informative and inspiring.  I have to “get it out” in some way and share those feelings of enthusiasm and inspiration with other people.  Once I learn something awesome, there’s a definite need for me to share it.

Finally, I love and need my freedom.  I’m much more of a “be my own boss” sort of person.  I get a little bit ornery when I feel like I’m being controlled.  Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries and all my numerology stuff works out to “1”.  The Aries zodiac sign, and the number 1 are both known to be very “independent” vibrations that don’t like to feel suppressed.

Whatever it is that I do, it has to satisfy my needs for freedom, creativity, learning and sharing.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing in this blog and it occurs to me that writing feels like a really good fit!  It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time, some of my favorite classes in high school and college focused on writing.   For me, writing is enjoyable probably because it satisfies a lot of my needs I mentioned earlier, freedom, creativity, learning, and sharing.  It also comes pretty easily to me, words just flow.

Writing has also helped me in other unexpected ways.   Not only does it satisfy my needs, but it’s become a valuable tool for improving my life.  I’m researching things that help me live in a better way and writing about them helps me to stay focused on my goals so I see better results.  Writing also helps me to feel like I’m making a difference.  I get to help inform and empower people by sharing the things that inform and empower me, so in that respect I am making a difference.

That feels pretty darn groovy, now I just need a cape. 😛

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