I saw an interesting question on facebook today, someone asked, “What do you think about when meditating?”  Most people responded with, “Nothing, duh!”.   I started to think about how I meditate, and what seems to work the best for me.

I think the most effective form of meditation for me is just getting really zoned into whatever it is that I’m doing, to the point where I’m not really thinking about it.   When I’m doing this it feels almost like I “am” that thing I am doing, whether it’s dishes, or drawing, or staring at the wall…


My walls are really cool!
2014-01-16 09.39.38

They have a myriad of textures and forms that when you stare at them for a while pictures and patterns start to emerge, no drug use required! 😛  I guess that’s one of the perks of living in an older house, they have a little more character.

The other form of meditation I really love is listening to instrumental music.  I like to train my mind to follow the different instruments and get lost in the notes.  I get sucked into it and can feel my energy move with the music.  I don’t like to use music with lyrics for this, I find that to be a little distracting, although sometimes I might if it’s something uplifting.

2013-08-22 15.51.41If the weather is good I also enjoy being outside, listening to the birds, feeling the sun on my back, the wind on my skin, the smell of the air, the color of the trees and the sky, and just enjoying my senses.  There is something very peaceful about that, and it’s one of the best ways to relax.  I especially love staring at water and seeing how the waves and ripples move, how the sunlight reflects into scintillating fragments of molten light dancing about.

It’s fucking groovy.

I guess you could say my favorite form of mediation is getting lost in the beauty that surrounds us, always.  🙂

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