Beautiful Inspiration. Law of Attraction

I’d like to share something I came across today that really just left me going “wow!!!”   In a good way of course!   I was listening to an interview with Marianne Williamson, a best selling spiritual author, that just blew me away.   Sometimes you hear something and you can just feel it resonating in your bones.  The concepts were not completely unfamiliar to me, but to hear them explained in such a beautiful way, that was what really jumped out at me.

To give you a brief outline of what she’s saying here, there are a few things which she touched on that I think are quite amazing, and they kind of all tie together to one more universal truth.

She started out with an analogy, there’s sort of a divine purpose or plan for everything, you can see it in action with the way an acorn turns into a tree, or the way cells divide and become an embryo and finally a person.  She said there’s this blueprint for everything, everything in existence, that includes us, not just on a physical level of growing to adulthood, but also growing as a person.  The main difference between us and the acorn is that we can say no and ignore that blueprint, it’s still there, but we have the free will to make our own decisions.

That blueprint includes not only our bodies, but also what we are capable of becoming, or our calling in life.  She said the best way to follow that blueprint, is to be living from a space of love.   There was an Einstein quote that she used which described that idea really well and it says, “”The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”   That concept kind of comes down to faith, believing that things will work out if we go with the flow.

She also touched on a few examples of this in action and made some points that really resonate.  One was on the concept of money.  It’s not the love of money that brings it in, it’s finding your calling, finding your purpose, what you were meant to do, that’s what brings in the abundance.  It’s finding something you are so absolutely passionate about you could care less if you make money at it, you do it because you love it.  Abundance happens because you’re lining up with that “divine blueprint” and becoming what and who you were meant to be, the rest falls into place.   It’s not the love of money that brings wealth, it’s the love of life, and finding your calling.

She also talked about people who are experiencing poverty, or people who are victims in one form or another.  Often we see in new age teachings and practices this law of attraction thing which places all the blame on the victim, that victim isn’t in alignment, doesn’t love themselves enough, etc.

Williamson said there is a lack of love present which causes the situation, but it’s not found with those victims and starving kids in Africa.  It’s found with the perpetrators, and industries and people who can’t recognize their connection with everyone on this planet, and aren’t in a space of love and compassion enough to recognize or care about the consequences and impact their actions have on people.    She said the bottom line shouldn’t be about money, it should be about love.  It should be loving yourself yes, but also loving the planet, recognizing we’re connected.  I have to agree with that 100%.

I guess why I loved this interview so much is that it kind of reconciled some issues I’ve been having with the whole law of attraction thing.  I do agree that your experience has a lot to do with your outlook on life, your attitude.  I think you are better able to recognize opportunities and paths when you’re in a positive state, and you’ll be more likely to act on those opportunities that present themselves.    I also agree that if you’re constantly focusing on how shitty the world is, that’s all you’re going to see.  It’s a perspective thing.

However, I tend to disagree with the law of attraction in regard to placing all the blame on the victim, I think that it takes away personal responsibility, and it detracts from love.  You could follow that logic, and go kill somebody, and then say it was the victim’s fault because they “attracted” you into their experience, I don’t resonate with that at all.   I don’t think most people would attract things like rape, murder, and poverty into their experience.  The way Marianne Williamson explained it makes a lot more sense to me, the idea that people who hurt others are the ones who are experiencing a deficit when it comes to love and alignment, they aren’t able to see the connection they share with the universe.

Anyway, here is the video, well worth the listen!






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