Garden Notes.

I recently purchased some of the seeds for my garden this year.   I’m excited.  We have a small amount of space to work with, but I’m OK with that because there are a lot of options which will let you maximize the efficiency of your space!  Vertical gardening here I come!

2014-01-11 13.38.41Here are some seeds I picked up at my local hardware store.  It’s nice that organic options are becoming more widespread and available.  Some of these I’m going to grow indoors for use as kitchen herbs, others I’ll plant outside next to my house and if I can, I’ll use a trellis to raise them vertically and save some space.  (Cucumbers and beans are a good choice for that.)

Next, I’ll be researching my options for what kind of plants and flowers I can incorporate into my garden that will help me out and preform multiple functions for my garden.

There is a term in permaculture called “guilds”, a guild is a group of plants that work together by doing different things that benefit the whole group.  Some plants might work well for improving the soil by sending out long taproots that serve to massage the soil.  Others might improve the nitrogen content of the soil, others will attract useful insects like butterflies and bees which help to pollinate the plants, and others will work to repel insects that might be damaging to the plants.    These are just a few of the ways they can work together, but in essence each plant is serving (often multiple) functions that benefit the whole group, they work together, and form a community.

One thing I’m seeing over and over again in the permaculture course I’m taking is that systems can’t be isolated.  Everything is dependent on everything else for survival.  It’s interesting how true that is.  Even in our daily lives we see this interdependence and connectedness.  We interact with friends, family, co-workers, clients, we we step out of ourselves for a minute we see how much we all rely on each other.  We tend to forget just how connected to each other and the planet we are, and how crucial that connectedness is for our survival.  Nature’s a web, we’re part of it.  🙂



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