On the subject of permaculture

If you have read any of my other stuff on permaculture, or you’re already familiar with the subject, you’ll know that permaculture goes way beyond gardening and farming (though that is a big part of it).  Permaculture is in essence, a different way of viewing and interacting with the world, and we are finding more and more that a different way is sorely needed.

With permaculture we can find the answers to many of the problems and issues that we are facing today:

  • We live in an age of information where instant communication with others is just a click away, yet we feel more isolated than ever.
  • We have billions of dollars invested in healthcare and prescription drugs and people are sicker as a whole now more than ever.
  • We make great strides in science and technology yet we are still relying on outdated and often dangerous sources of fuel and energy.
  • We produce enough food to feed the whole world yet billions of people are starving.
  • Our methods of farming, industry and energy are slowly poisoning our planet, the very thing which sustains us, and in so doing, slowly poisoning ourselves.
  • We call ourselves the land of the free, yet we have one of the highest prison rates for non-violent offenders, and we’re watching as our rights are being taken away one by one with unconstitutional bills such as the Patriot act and NDAA.
  • Our educational system is practically useless and it serves to little more than churn out obedient workers for a workforce that is slowly being outsourced, or rendered obsolete.
  • Our economy is failing.  People are loosing not only their jobs, but their homes, and sense of security and purpose.

It can look kind of hopeless.  If we don’t do something about it soon, chances are it will be a hopeless situation.   I’m not trying to propagate fear, because I think there are real solutions we can apply to these problems.

I’m trying to promote awareness, as long as we ignore them, the problems we face are just going to get bigger.  It’s time to face our fear and stand up to the problems of the world today, we have the power to do something about it as well as the resources, and it’s time we accept that.

This is where permaculture comes in.  I’m talking about permaculture in its broadest sense.  A great way to think permaculture in this regard is “permanent-culture”  We need to start building a culture that is based on longevity, community, responsibility, and permanence.  We need to start thinking about our future as opposed to instant gratification.

Just as there are different facets to life, there are different facets to permaculture.  They all fit together to help make a complete picture of what our world could look like, if we only allowed it to happen.  Here are just some of those facets.

There is the most obvious facet of permaculture, which is ecological farming and sustainable living.  Working with our planet instead of against it.

There’s the facet of community, we don’t have communities like we used to.  That’s sad.  It’s harder for us to invite people into our little bubbles.  We achieve far less when we’re isolated.  In nature, no system is isolated, and in our lives, we should not be isolated either.

There is the facet of personal responsibility.  We can look at a lot of the problems today that are caused by corporate interests and governments that are bought and paid for.  We have been deceived for a long time, but until we take responsibility for that, and take our power back, we’ll continue to be living in the same unsustainable way.  Until we take responsibility for the fact that we have been sitting back and letting this happen, nothing will change.

Part of why I am keeping this blog is because I want to be a part of the solution.  I’m sick of contributing to the problem, more importantly I’m sick of thinking the problem is to big for me to do anything about it, therein lies the problem itself.

We’ve become so dis-empowered we just don’t know how we could ever make a lasting positive change.   I’ve been hunting for solutions, this blog is my way of sharing them and passing them along, as well as documenting how those solutions have worked in my own life.

Most of these solutions I’ve shared before, but I thought it would be cool to put them all into one place and see how they sort of “fit” together.

First of all there is the concept of self-improvement, being the best version of yourself that you can be, and bringing yourself to a state of empowerment and action.  One great resource for this is Panic To Freedom, which I introduced in this blog post.    To find out more, you can check out PanicToFreedom.com, or their YouTube channel which offers a lot of great (and free) information to help you on your journey towards self empowerment and freedom.

If you want to learn more about the subject of permaculture, which I discuss here, and how it applies to all the different facets of life, check out this website: http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/#  Most of the information on this website is presented in video format, recorded from classes taught by instructor Larry Korn.  This website will effectively allow you to audit a permaculture class. 🙂  

If you want to start getting involved from a political standpoint, then this website is a good place to start: http://commongroundmovement.com/get-involved.   It doesn’t serve any political party because the two party system we use today may just be part of the problem.  Today we find ourselves focusing so much on what divides us on many issues that we tend to get distracted from the things that can serve to unite us.  This video does a good job of exploring what those things are and how we can find common ground to unite as a whole and change things for the better.

If you’re interested in learning about ways we can further our education on a variety of subjects and enrich our knowledge base relating to education, khanacademy.org is a valuable resource.  Too often today we look at our failing schools and feel that there isn’t a solution.  I think the solution can be found in taking personal responsibility with our education and using the resources that are available to us. https://www.edx.org/ is another awesome resource that allows you to take free classes on a variety of subjects.

I think in combining these resources we can go a long way toward realizing the change we want to see in the world and in ourselves.  We are coming to realize now more than ever, that the change we are so desperately looking for has to start with us, and it has to ripple outwards into the world to other people.  Please check out all these awesome movements and resources, they are sure to help, and while some of them do charge, they offer so much free information that is valuable and useful it would be a shame not to use it.

If you have found any of these things as inspiring and helpful as I do, please, please help further the causes and share them with everyone you know!  Thanks!  😀

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