From Panic to Freedom. I would like to share something cool with you.

I want to tell you a funny story, it’s freaking synchronous and I do love synchronicity!   Last year around this time I was very interested in a self help course called panic to freedom, or PTF.  The thing is, when I tried to sign up for the class, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the transaction to go through.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, my credit card was good, I was sure I filled in all of the information correctly.  For whatever reason, it just wouldn’t work.  I gave up on the idea, figuring the universe must not want me to take the course, and forgot about signing up, but not entirely about the concept of panic to freedom.

What drew me to the course initially was a series of promotional videos they made which explained what PTF was all about.  The videos talked about the 4 principles of Panic to Freedom:

Principle #1: The breath and the body.  This principle talks about how big of an impact your breathing can have on anxiety levels and how you are feeling.

Principle #2: Present Moment Awareness. This principle speaks about how we always seem to be caught up in the past or worried about the future, often living in a state of anxiety because we are focused on possibilities instead of what’s happening right now.

Principle #3: Story as a story. This principle talks about how you are interpreting, or writing the story of yourself.  Is your character a victim, does your character see danger in everything?  By re-writing the story we can start to see that most of the time, the story we are telling ourselves is false, and it’s up to us to give it the kind of ending we desire

Principle #4: The inspiration to transcend. The Inspiration to transcend is the idea that you need to look beyond yourself for the reasons why you want to change.  Some people do it for their family, spouses, children, friends, others do it for the world, to better themselves and become a part of the solution instead of the problem.  Either way, it’s easier to transcend when you have bigger reasons.

I started putting the principles into practice a year ago when I first watched the above 4 videos.  It took me a while to make the practices work for me, but slowly, they did.   At first, I had lofty intentions and goals, I wanted to change the world!  However, after a while it occurred to me that if I want to be a part of the solution, self improvement must be a priority.  I needed to change myself so I can give my best to the world around me, and really mean it.

More importantly, I need to be living a life I would be proud to share with the world, a life that will positively impact the world.  When I write, I want to write for a purpose; to inspire others by sharing what inspires me, and to help others by sharing what helps me.  For me, this blog was my way of committing to the idea of improving myself.

Now for the synchronicity!  After I started writing about my experiences and the things I’ve learned along the way,  I was contacted by a member of PTF.  She had read my blog and asked if I would be interested in getting involved with their program.  She even offered to let me take the course for free to familiarize myself with all their material.  I was asked if I would share my story and how I have made my journey from panic toward freedom.

I watched the videos and it was interesting to see the subjects in more depth and think about how they had played out in my own life.  I don’t claim to be a master of going from panic to freedom, but I’ve learned a lot about the way to get there.  To be honest, I have found lately that I have less time for feeling shitty, I’m usually too busy focusing on life and things that help me.

I learned that I would much rather fill my time and my thoughts with things that make me feel empowered and good.   I learned that I do have the freedom to do that, and any restrictions I place on myself are largely self imposed.   I can feel better about myself by being honest with myself and changing my habits and my thoughts in a positive way.   I can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

It’s funny because PTF reached out to me when I found myself getting to a point where I wanted to start sharing what I’ve learned along with learning from others.  I wanted to be part of a community.   It seems I’ll be able to do just that, and I’m very excited.  😀

I have made a few posts that relate to the topics found in PTF, and it’s a subject I’ll probably be talking about more in the future.  This is one resource that has had a very positive impact on me, so I am happy to share it.  I’m looking forward to sharing other inspirations I have encountered along the way as well, there are lots. 😀

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