Psychic abilities: Let’s talk about telepathy.

Alrighty!  So far I have written about clairvoyance and empathy along with the broad subject of psychic abilities in general,  today I would like to share some thoughts on telepathy!  At first, I was going to include this with the empathy post, because I feel they kind of overlap.  However, it occurred to me that really all these “abilities” overlap in different ways (maybe I’ll do a post on that too).  So for the sake of readability, I’ll keep devoting a separate post to each topic.

Alright, telepathy!  Awesome!  So, this is a subject with which I’ve had some very interesting experiences.   I would first like to share some thoughts on the subject of telepathy in general, and I’ll say again, and again and again if I have to.  I believe being psychic goes hand in hand with being alive.  Look at it like a bi-product of our connection to everything in existence.  I’ve touched on this before in other blogs, but I think it’s really cool how some of the science today is starting to show how this works.   With theories like entanglement the idea of one mind being able to communicate with the next isn’t only possible, it’s probable.

I think first, I want to share something I watched in a you tube video that really helped me understand my abilities and how they might be working.  I have this thing where literally all the time people are taking the words out of my mouth, and vice versa, like verbatim what I was going to say.   I was starting to wonder if I wasn’t broadcasting my thoughts all over the place (which could be possible too) Then, this video I watched suggested that in fact I might be picking up on the thoughts of everyone around me, and thinking they are my own.

For me that made so much sense and brought so much clarity!  It was like the light-bulb AH-HA moment!   This is another ability where it really helps to be able to have a good neutral state that is cleared from clutter caused from Television and the like.  (You’ll probably see me mention from time to time, my absolute disdain for TV.  We have one, but it’s in storage, and I’m not sure if it works anymore, and couldn’t really care less.)

So, yes, you’ll notice this weird thing with people finishing your sentences or vice-versa.  I’ve also noticed (especially in the last couple of years) that I will have this urge to check my email or facebook and as I’m clicking over to go do that, I get a new message notification.   That happens all the time now.  Now that could be telepathy of some sort, or it could be more of a case of precognition, but like I said, I think this stuff blends together in a sort of psychic soup if you will.

With regard to more blatant forms of telepathy, I’ve experienced that as well.  One of the first really memorable times for me was in high school.  My boyfriend at the time and I were driving back to my house and he missed the turn.  I heard him say “FUCK” really loud and I said.  “Dude, you don’t need to swear and freak out, just turn around up here.”  He looked at me like I had grown another head and said.  “I didn’t say it, I was thinking it.”

Another strange occurrence with telepathy happened a few years later after I got out of high school.  I was with my mom in the living room and we had this young weimaraner dog named Hailey.  She was a super-super excitable active dog that never stopped moving and would frequently trash the house due to her bouncing around all over the place and knocking stuff over.   I crouched down by her while she was in one of her hyper modes, and took her head in my hands and stared into her eyes.  Then I jokingly said in a star-wars Jedi voice.

“You’re getting very sleepy, you want to go lay down on the couch.”  To my surprise, she blinked at me a couple of times and slowly turned around climbed up onto the couch and laid down.  She put her head on her paws and blinked at me a couple more times before closing her eyes and going to sleep.  My mom saw all this and said.  “Well that was creepy.”  I was equally surprised, because I was just joking around but because of that instance and a few other experiences I’ve had, I learned that I get the best results when I’m lighthearted and happy and not really caring about the results I get.

Other examples of telepathy related stuff.  Much like the clairvoyance when I am a relaxed state I’m more receptive to picking stuff up.  For much of my life this has made it difficult for me to get to sleep, to the point where I would listen to a radio at night growing up because it would drown out the other “noise” I would hear.    For me that noise was much like listening to a radio, only the person in control of the radio would be constantly switching from station to station, so the things I would hear would only be confusing fragments.

On occasion the “broadcast from the ethers”  does become more personal and relevant to me.  Once when I was staying over at my aunt’s house, around 3 or four in the morning when her house was so silent you could hear a pin-drop, I heard someone whisper my name, not once but twice.

More recently July 24th of this last summer I heard someone say “Listen to the radio on January 11.”  It was in such stark contrast to the jumble of  stuff I normally pick up, and so clear I wrote that shit down!  In a strange turn of events I got a random friend request yesterday from a man who invited me to like a strange page with a guy who claims to be a messenger from god.  The page had a live broadcast that was due to be aired on January 11th, I’ll be tuning in, the curiosity is too much.

Speaking of writing stuff down, that’s a good habit to get into, it can be difficult remembering all the vague weird stuff that comes up and it might not seem relevant in the moment, but it’s good to have a record you can go back and reference, should you need to.  Well I think I’m going to wrap up this post for now, I might expand some more on the subject later though.  That would be cool.  Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Psychic abilities: Let’s talk about telepathy.

  1. Hello Eclectic Lunatic,
    I’ve been reading your posts about psychic abilities, and thank you so much for writing them. I experience similar things to you, these two sentences of yours really hit a nail for me:
    ‘in fact I might be picking up on the thoughts of everyone around me, and thinking they are my own’– It was really a moment for me when I read this, I think it’s true, not all the time, but very often. I am often confused about why I change my mind so often depending on who I’m with, but rather I think I am just picking up on other people’s thoughts/emotions.
    ‘I learned that I get the best results when I’m lighthearted and happy and not really caring about the results I get.’ — this sentence clarified why I always make myself stressed, I also ‘perceive’ more when I’m relaxed, but I am very afraid of all these perceptions so I make myself stressed in order to block them out. I’ve been working on my body, on releasing muscle aches and pains, and as I go, certain issues come up. The main one right now has been about accepting these other perceptions as true and learning how to deal with them. That is how I found your page.
    Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading more of your blog,
    Kind Regards,
    Luna Sol

    1. Thank you Luna, I’m really glad to hear I could be of service! I appreciate the comment and thank you again for reading! I’m looking forward to posting more on this subject, it’s one of my favorites. 😀

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