Psychic Stuff: Perceptions.

I thought it would be fun to dive more into this subject of psychic abilities and share some of my own observations and experiences.

The first thing I want to talk about is clairvoyance.  In my opinion it really starts out with just being observant, and opening yourself up to the wonder around you, and not taking it for granted.  I remember talking to my mom about psychic stuff, clairvoyance in particular and describing things to her that I would see,  and she wondered if it wasn’t a case of me just being a bit more observant than your average person.  I have spent most of my life pursuing artistic subjects and that does give one a tendency to look a little more closely at things, and perhaps notice what others do not.

Watching a Dr. Who episode had me thinking about that again a couple of weeks ago.  It was an episode which featured the well-known artist Vincent Van Gogh.  For me it was a very moving and emotional episode because the things the character spoke about were things I could understand and relate to with having witnessed them in my own experience.  He talked about how most people really don’t see the beauty of the world around them they’re too absorbed in the hum-drum of daily living.

When you look at Van Gogh’s work you see that there is a really interesting quality to the way he depicts light.   It’s almost as if it comes to life in his paintings and has a personality all of its own.  There is more texture and movement and color play in the light as compared to how other artists depict it.  Like a myriad of dancing prismatic ethereal creatures emanating from a single source.  There are subtle things which we see every day that are more wonderful, beautiful, and mesmerizing then I can really put into words.   I think it’s possible for anyone to see them, just that most people don’t bother to really take the time and look.

Part of my reason for this belief is that while I’ve always seen stuff and noticed things, the older I get the stronger it gets and the more I see.  I think that is because it’s something I’m training in myself.  It’s an interest I have had from a very young age and so I’ve been focusing on it for a long time.  Add to that the fact that I have pursued art for most of my life and that requires the ability to be able to “see” something, instead of just looking at it.

For me just looking at a light, I see rays and waves of prismatic color emanating from the bright center, they seem to undulate and move.  When I look at my surroundings there is also a strange quality of movement or vibration.  The wall still looks like a wall, but it looks like a living wall.  It looks like it is practically buzzing with energy.  The air between myself and the wall also has this buzzing/undulating quality to it.  It doesn’t look empty, perhaps kinda transparent, but not empty.

When I focus for longer amounts of time this quality becomes more apparent, I start to see other subtle things that I can’t quite define, they are a part of this mix but separate from it as well, like they are forming from it and moving in it, I can’t always define what they are; they have shape and form somewhat but it’s hard to make out, they just seem to have a presence.

I see these tiny swarming luminous dots that are everywhere at all times day or night sometimes they are fainter but always there.  Then other times I see these “lights”.   These are bolder, bigger, brighter and more attention grabbing than the little swarming dots, sometimes it seems as if they are pulling the light in the area away from them…it’s hard to explain but I’ll try my best.  On occasion they seem to have this faint electric black quality to them that is bright in a way but still a sharp contrast to the rest of it…..

Hair is another fascinating one.  I can remember when I was a child sitting out in the sun one day staring at a piece of my hair for what seemed like hours fascinated by how the colors in it seemed to move and didn’t look like what I was used to seeing in the mirror.  I still see that quality in things, there’s this thing about color and movement.  There is more of it then we really tend to realize.

When I go outside, around the trees and forests I see this field of energy that is very bright.  In some trees this field seems to project itself upward to the sky, I haven’t noticed it happening with any particular species of trees, it could be an evergreen, or an oak, or birch or whatever, it’s pretty random.

I have noticed in the past strange things too, I’m not sure what they were.  Once near my hometown when I was probably 15 or 16 in the distance toward the horizon I could make out what I can only describe as “tentacles” reaching up toward the sky…they had a faint purplish color.

As far as other oddities, a couple of times I’ve seen other lights that were very big about the size of an orange or grapefruit, that floated and moved as if they had some kind of intelligence guiding them.

Once when I was in high school, while laying on my bed, still awake but very relaxed, I saw what looked like two humanoid transparent shapes morphing out of my wall slightly before vanishing.

I have seen what  I assume to be a ghost floating across a field when we were driving past a grave yard, and I can often see energy emanating from people, things, and animals.

Birds are very interesting to me because every time I have seen them flying, they always have a perfectly shaped vivid sphere of energy surrounding them.

This has made me question if there’s more to bird flight then we realize, or if the act of flying is such an exertion of energy that I’m just seeing it very clearly.  Either way it’s cool.  When I look at airplanes and man-made objects in the sky it doesn’t look the same as when I see birds flying.

I also get flashes of images in my minds eye quite often.  Most of the time it’s pretty jumbled and chaotic, it feels like I’m seeing multiple things all at once, or bits of things here and there.  Sometimes they will linger and other times they’ll be gone in an instant, just sort of impressions.

Well that’s about it for now.  It’s getting late and time for me to go to bed!  I will do another post tomorrow continuing the theme.  In that post I’ll most likely share my experiences with telepathy, and empathy.

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