Let’s take a look at psychic abilities!

I’ve been seeing that my post on coming out of the psychic/spiritual closet has gotten some of the most traffic out of the humble amount of visits I’ve had to this site, so I thought I would write a blog exploring the subject more in-depth, and sharing some of the recent discoveries and theories which give more weight to the idea that humans are all innately psychic.

This has been a fascinating subject for me my whole life, and I have had some time to study it both in theory and in practice.  First of all, my main belief regarding this subject is that it really is a natural thing, so natural that most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it, or that it’s even going on.  I think that it is such an integrated part of our programming that we loose sight of how awesome it really is.    It can be as simple as that feeling you get when someone is watching you, or thinking about someone you know right before they contact you in some way.  While these are simple common occurrences that are often passed off as coincidence, I think they deserve some real consideration.

Thankfully, that is finally starting to happen   This subject is finally moving from the fringes of society and being given serious consideration in  areas of respected scientific experimentation and thought.  Studies on things like quantum mechanics start to open the doors to new ways of looking at things like esp, telepathy, precognition, bi-location, and even teleportation, just to name a few of the many varieties of psychic phenomenon floating around out there.

If you look at theories in physics today, such as quantum entanglement (where what you do to one particle will simultaneously effect a particle it is entangled with), it becomes easier to swallow the idea that we might somehow share a connection which enables us to achieve feats that would fall under the category of psychic phenomena such as ESP and Telepathy.

More far-fetched phenomena such as teleportation become closer to reality when we look at experiments on quantum teleportation where they have successfully transported photons of light from point a to point b.

The double slit experiment is a classic example of how the very act of our observation has a direct effect on the results of an outcome of an experiment.

It’s not just new age loonies who are coming to belief in the power our consciousness has, mainstream scientists and researchers are starting to slowly come to the same conclusions that mystics have been going on about for thousands of years.  The reality around us is influenced, and even created by our consciousness.

Physicists such as Fred Alan Wolf (Popularized in the movie What the Bleep do We Know?) have been outspoken on the subject for a while now.  There are even groups of researchers devoted to seriously studying these phenomena.  IONS or the Institute of Noetic Sciences is one such group, though there are many others.  Even governments have devoted considerable time and resources into studying psychic abilities, and even attempting to use and refine them.  Remote Viewing is a great example of this.

There are great strides being made in the realm of science and popular thought.  I think it’s equally important to be introspective as well, and explore your own truths when it comes to psychic abilities. This is a good time to start getting into meditation, clearing your head so you can discern the psychic impressions you might be already receiving from the mental chatter caused by living life.   It is also a good practice to rid yourself of distractions that tend to add to this mental chatter, such as television, worry, and haha facebook.  We are living in an age where information is streaming past us at an almost constant rate, and it’s important to give yourself time to recharge and regroup, to get in touch with yourself and enjoy the silence for a bit.

For those of you who might want to really pursue developing your psychic abilities, there is a huge amount of information available on the web.  I’m adding some links below to get you started if you feel interested in learning more about this awesome topic, one I’m sure I’ll write more on later.

http://www.monroeinstitute.org/ (Robert Monroe and Out of Body experiences)
http://www.psiarcade.com/main.html  IONS online psi-arcade.  (a place for you to hone your psychic abilities while simutaniously providing data for research into this area.)
http://www.boundary.org/bi/index.html  Researching psychic phenomena.
http://psipog.net/home.html Psipog archive.  This used to be a really neat community of “psions” or people actively learning and practicing psychic abilities.  The site has since been archived and all of the articles and information is available to download.

Google.  Google is your friend, especially with a huge topic containing so many huge sub-topics.

Is there something you would like to see more of with regard to this subject?  I’m thinking of doing more, but I’d like a better idea what I should elaborate on.  I know I have seen some really interesting news articles over the last few months that I’ll share as soon as I track them down, and I think I’ll do a separate blog regarding my personal experiences with psychic stuff.  Thanks for reading,  Namaste…groovy. 🙂

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