Just for fun. Wizard Gear.

I was organizing my gallery and remembered a few fun things I had forgotten about, and thought I’d share.  Wizard Gear.  Looking at these pictures reminds me of what a blast I had making these and I think I’d like to do some more of that.

This first image is of a Valkyrie headband I made for Halloween a couple of years ago.  To make it, I used a hot glue gun, tin foil, a couple of wire coat-hangers, some shiny baubles from the art store, sequins, feathers, and silver spray paint.  I shaped a frame for the wings and the headband, then covered them with a skin of tin foil. Over this I glued the sequins and feathers.  It’s best to get all of that situated and in place, spray paint it, and then add the gems and shiny stuff at the very end, so you don’t get over-spray on your sparkles.


Next is my Wizard Staff, it’s wrapped with silver wire, carved with Reiki Symbols, the run “sol” and the symbol psi.   It also includes an Amethyst crystal, and feathers.


Finally there’s the neat wand/scepter thing I made, this utilizes copper wrapping, quartz crystals and a leaf trinket.


I had such a blast making these, I can’t wait to create more magical wizard gear in the future.  Perhaps I’ll add potions to the mix?   Who knows.

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