I found something too awesome not to share.

And I’m super freaking excited about it oh my goodness! So I’ve been big on the idea of sustainability lately and literally and figuratively “hungry” for more knowledge on the subject. Call it manifestation in action, or whatever you want but I got my wish and discovered an awesome resource for diving deeper into the waters of sustainable living and giving a fuck. 😀

Just a simple post on facebook that I happened to click on lead me here, where I’m now starting free courses on permaculture, which according to the course introduction I watched a little while ago, is the “desire for improvement on how we do things. A creative artful way of living where people and nature are all preserved and enhanced…”

The courses are delivered in lecture format and cover multiple areas, the lectures are divided into:

  • Fundamentals
  • Design and patterns
  • Plants, Climates and soils
  • Water and Aquaculture
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Social Permaculture
  • Experiential site visits
  • and student presentations.

This is so up my alley. The first video I watched is an introductory lecture given by Larry Korn. He talks about many different things relative to permaculture, his experiences and what he’s learned about it, it’s interesting to listen to, he teaches in a “stream of consciousness” kind of story telling fashion. I’m looking forward to watching more videos and learning as much as I can about a subject I find equally fascinating and important.  Moreover, I’m looking forward to implementing what I learn in my life and practices.



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