Law of Attraction

Been thinking a lot lately about the Law of Attraction.  The law of attraction states that “Like attracts like.”  This means what you are focusing on is what you’ll get more of, even if it’s an event or thing you are resisting.  By the very act of your focusing on it, you bring it into existence.   There seems to be a divide regarding this law, some hail it as the ultimate truth of the universe.   Others see it as a fluffy escape from reality.

I believe that, like many things in life, the law of attraction is taken out of context, and perhaps misunderstood.  I think if you wanted to distill it down into its most basic form, it’s being in a state of inspired creativity.   You don’t have to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand regarding all the negative issues in life.

I think you just have to look at those issues from a different perspective which soars like an eagle above the situation.  Unlike the Ostrich, the Eagle has a much wider perspective.  From his lofty height the problem doesn’t appear so large, and he can see many more variables and avenues for solving it.    The Eagle has a better perspective of the situation.   That perspective gives rise to creativity, and allows for that “AH HA” moment.  That’s what the law of attraction is.    The ostrich is letting the problem overwhelm him to such an extent that he tries to hide from it, ignore it in the hopes that it will go away.  (Then gets eaten).  The eagle sees the problem from a higher vantage point and realizes there are many solutions to it and chooses the one he likes best, and swoops down to put the solution into action.

It has nothing to do with sitting at home on your couch all day thinking happy thoughts and doing your best to filter out every bad problem in the world.  If you try to ignore all the bad in the world then you aren’t doing yourself or the world any favors, and ultimately by ignoring them, they will only grow larger and you’ll manifest a larger waistline, I know this from experience, ;).    It’s more about how you choose to look at the issues you come into contact with.  It’s about choosing hope over despair, choosing love over hate, choosing peace over anger, creativity over apathy.


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