Strange Dream….

My dream started out with me and my parents in a smallish apartment on one of the upper floors. I was busy re-arranging furniture, there were 4 fake trees. I decided to smoke some pot and offered it to mom and dad and they accepted. (Which is weird, because they don’t smoke in normal life)  We were passing around the bowl when the apartment suddenly morphed into a farm-house. We were just finished smoking the bowl when President Obama showed up. In the dream it was understood that this was sort of common thing, almost like he would come hang out with us when he wanted to get away from the political stuff. He saw a bong and our pipe sitting there and said not to worry about it.

Obama stayed and hung out for a while, gave me a picture of him and his wife, then more people just sort of appeared at the house, most of them I didn’t know but the guy with shorter hair from the show Supernatural was there. We were all there talking and hanging out when I looked out the window and saw a limo screeching by squealing it’s tires. I told Obama his ride must be here and he said he didn’t take a limo because it was too conspicuous. After that he was gone.

We went outside and the song from the Gorillaz “last living souls” started playing until the dream ended. Once we were outside, there was this weird white stuff on the ground that looked like spider webs, only it was acidic and would destroy any living thing it touched. In the barn there was a pen with a bunch of turkeys and farm animals that had been touched by the falling stuff. They were dying in agony. After I looked at them I look to the South and see heavy machinery guzzling out smoke.

The smoke appeared to be transforming itself into weird visions. First a long trail of strange creatures not from here. They looked sort of anthropomorphic and mildly horrifying in a cartoonish sort of way. Next the scene morphed into people trying to build something…a green world almost. Then the scene morphed into the words “Help Me” I woke up after seeing the words “Help Me.”

Strange.  Too early to try to interpret all of this…I’ll edit the post later maybe and add my interpretation.


Not sure how to interpret the pot thing.  Could be a subconscious longing for it to be accepted, or perhaps a guilt that I smoke it.  It could also be a prophetic thing, that soon it will be legalized.  Maybe it will be legalized while Obama is still in office?  We’ve already seen strides in that direction with states moving to legalize…

Speaking of prophecies, I wonder if some serious stuff is going to go down after Obama leaves office? In the dream, after Obama left, that’s when stuff started getting weird, that’s when the song started playing. (Last living souls) I think the song is a pretty big message that we could be if we don’t change our act.   The stuff coming from the sky reminds me of a weird cross between chem-trails and acid rain.  I would say that it’s at least a sign that we are harming the planet and the creatures who share it with us.

The creatures in the smoke could be a couple of things, it could be referencing genetic manipulation, GMOs and that sort of thing, or it could be some sort of ET disclosure thing.  The people in the smoke building a green world and the message “help me”, signifies people rising up to do something about the damage we have collectively caused to this planet.  I think on one hand it’s a cry for help from the very planet itself, and on the other hand it’s a cry for help from the people working to change things for the better, to find any lasting success it needs to be a massive movement.

I think these things were appearing in the “smoke and smog” (pollution) because that’s what created them, or the need for them.

That’s my take on it for now.

2 thoughts on “Strange Dream….

    1. Somewhat, haven’t gotten any writing done on it, but I’ve been mulling it over a little bit. Thanks for reminding me though. Now I have something to write about lol.

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