Opening up to the Magic

So, when I was a kid, I used to get terribly depressed.  I would see the big buildings and concrete, and highways, and gas guzzling monstrous vehicles, and all of these other dangerously gray aspects of society savagely devouring the green sacred spaces of the earth.  I felt like I had been born in the wrong time, that there was something horribly wrong with the world I was living in.  I had a deep feeling like there used to be a great magic here, the wild places and the ancient places were our connection to it.  Seeing these sacred places slowly being destroyed by a society which considered itself superior really bothered me.  Every time I would pass a housing development or a construction project I would feel slightly sick.  It all felt so alien and disconnected, unbalanced.    I felt sad that I couldn’t have been a part of the age of dragons and elves and dryads and magic, of towering ancient forests  and mythical landscapes.  I was told that these green places were just trees and rocks and didn’t mean anything.  I didn’t believe it then and I still don’t now.

The difference between what I believed then vs. now is this.  I now believe I have the power to change that system.  I believe we all do.   I believe we’ve been fed a bunch of bullshit and have been indoctrinated into a system set up on lies, deceit, and fear.   A system designed to disconnect us from our infinite nature and the world of magic.  A system designed to keep us from each other.

I was told that there never was this world of magic, that earth has always been a grey and mundane place!  I was told that all that existed was the material!   I, like you,  are blessed with a burning knowing deep inside, that there is something more.  We might not know exactly what it is, but that feeling drives the curiosity to inspire us to look and try and find out where and what “it” is.

My curiosity lead me to at first to a world of fantasy books many of which I still love today.   They were a much needed escape from the so-called reality imposed cruelly imposed on our world.  These books were also an invaluable aid in the search for anything that could confirm the existence of this “something more”, as fleeting and delicate as it appeared at times.   Though they were from the “fantasy” category, I knew some how, they contained within them something important, even if it was just a feeling of a fleeting memory.

I wanted to understand that feeling more and so I started to do more active research on different subjects.  To me, the harsh angular world of logic and science seemed to be too wrapped up in the very system that was destroying the magic around us.  Because of this resistance to left brain attitudes and ideas, my search started out with new age books and books on spirituality and magic.  I studied philosophies from different cultures, I studied different myths, and hunted for anything I could find that might explain what magic was, and how to  bring it back.

While I found magic and many of the rituals and magical artifacts interesting, for many years I was more interested in learning how to directly experience magic without the use of tools.  This lead me to psionics, and topics such as remote viewing, and then to quantum physics and sacred geometry.  I had come full circle back to the science I first shunned!

With YouTube I was able to discover the works of many people who were beautifully combining science and spirituality.  Man was suddenly a creator in this universe.  We were a part of everything in existence, we share a connection with infinity.   The world of magic is still strong, Elves are freaking real, angels are all over the place, you can live in tree houses and hobbit homes, you can have free energy, we can create a paradise on earth, we are a part of everything how fucking mind blowing, and awesome, and groovy is that!?

Since I first started this journey, I have seen very clearly this world of magic.    I’ve learned more about how to create this world of magic around us, and a lot of it has to do with how we think.    How can you possibly expect to live in a world of fairies and magic, when you’re surrounded by white walls and punch-clocks and creative sterility.  I want to help bring that world of magic, love, and creativity to everyone else.  I believe we have the power to create a magical world around us we have the power to live fully in tune with nature and experience every aspect of it.  I believe we have enough resources in this world for everyone, I believe we have enough magic for everyone, I would like to help make this the reality we all share.

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