Telepathy here we come.

Well it seems as if science is finally attempting to pull it’s head out of the sand a little bit…just a hair, but it’s still progress.  Today we will talk about an article I stumbled across, an article that tells how it may be scientifically possible for telepathy to exist.  If you know me, you know my feelings on the subject of psionics (applied use of psychic skills) if you don’t know me, I’ll enlighten you.  I believe everyone is capable of using psionics.  I don’t believe it is supernatural, just another level of nature that we don’t fully comprehend yet.  However, the point I am attempting to reach here, is that science is one step closer to developing an understanding about it.

A neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Persinger, has announced he is able to prove the existence of telepathy.  In his experiment two subjects are placed in a circular magnetic field.  Both subjects are connected to the same computer which monitors brain activity.  He shines a light in in the eye of the first subject and the corresponding brain activity is recorded in the second subject.   This appears to be proof of quantum entanglement on the macro scale which could have big implications for subjects like psionics.  The full article can be viewed here:

Dr. Persinger is not the only scientist to be making exciting claims,  Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has also made some interesting experiments in this area, here is an excerpt from his website, “What are morphic fields? How do they fit into your Hypothesis of Formative Causation?  The Hypothesis of Formative Causation states that the forms of self-organizing systems are shaped by morphic fields. Morphic fields organize atoms, molecules, crystals, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, societies, ecosystems, planetary systems, solar systems, galaxies. In other words, they organize systems at all levels of complexity, and are the basis for the wholeness that we observe in nature, which is more than the sum of the parts. For a more formal definition of morphic fields, see the Glossary
According to the Hypothesis of Formative Causation, morphic fields also contain an inherent memory given by the process of morphic resonance, whereby each kind of thing has a collective memory. For example, crystals of a given kind are influenced by all past crystals of that kind, date palms by past date palms, giraffes by past giraffes, etc. In the human realm this is similar to Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious.” More information about this subject can be found at his website:

These are just a couple of the brave scientists who are challenging the status quo.  Science is about pursuing the truth, its’ sad we live in a world where anything that doesn’t match up with the accepted reality is tossed aside, but it’s nice to see a change on the horizon.

In fairness I would like to include the Above Top Secret forum where I first discovered these little tid-bits.  It might take some mulling through posts, but it’s worth a look, many of these people are more eloquent than I and have posted some great information.

If you’re interested in learning more about psionics, here are a couple resources to check out, there are also further resources in the links section here.

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