I’m a spark of life,
housed in flesh and blood and bone.
I’m boundless and eternal,
in that I’m not alone.
I’m a cell in this spirit,
a wave in this ocean.
I’m gravitational force,
and Centrifugal motion.

We are infinite, we are one.
From the smallest possible particle,
to massive masses like the sun.
From solids and gasses,
to bases and acids,
stoics to heroics,
prudes to asses.
Dark and light,
day to night
fight or flight,
wrong or right.
It’s all the same in this cosmic game.
Everyone takes it so seriously,
It’s really a shame.
How we we point the fingers,
and place the blame,
Create all these labels,
and sit at different tables.
It’s really a shame,
we don’t even realize,
we share the same name.
I am you,
you are me,

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