Paper Towel Divination

Paper Towel Divination?  This may sound weird but I often wonder about the images which show up on my paper-towel when I’m tattooing someone.  If you’ve ever done a tattoo, you probably know what I mean.   I like to fold up my paper towels while I tattoo, and I often notice strange designs, pictures and patterns.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  (I’m planning on writing a blog on that later)  That in mind, I often wonder if there is some kind of hidden meaning behind the shapes and images that appear on my paper towel.

Many people say tattoos are therapeutic,  they see tattoos as a kind of release.  Perhaps the images have something to do with that release.   Perhaps it has more to do with divination…maybe a glimpse of what kind of thoughts or feelings that person is experiencing during the tattoo.   Whatever it is, I can’t say with any certainty, however I do find it to be a curious phenomenon.

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