Numerology Overview

In a world as confusing and chaotic as ours, I find numerology to be a comfort.  It gives me a different way of looking at things, and grants me some understanding when I am seeking answers which otherwise elude me.   Numerology is the ancient art of divination using numbers.   There are many different forms, but I prefer to use the Pythagorean and Chaldean versions.   (For a great book on Chaldean numerology, check out Linda Goodman’s “Starsigns”)

Instead of writing an exhausting how-to on numerology, I will instead direct you to some sources which can explain it more thoroughly and eloquently than I can.   I will also include some handy-dandy numerology calculators for your convenience.   Also, Google is a great resource to find anything you want in today’s world, so some searches and see for yourself, or check out the links below.

Numerology Information

For information on how to do numerology as well as number meanings, go here:

For a comprehensive list of number meanings, go here:

Here’s another great list of number meanings,  it also includes number sequences such as 111, 222, 333, etc:

This Calculator is short, sweet, and to the point.  Simply enter the name you’re trying to divine, it will give you the number it computes to, as well as a short list of words describing that numbers meaning.  Very nice if you want a short and sweet explanation.   This calculator uses Pythagorean numerology.

Remember how I mentioned Linda Goodman’s book starsigns?  This next calculator is based on that, with excerpts from the book itself, it is a very, very handy little gadget based on Chaldean numerology.

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